Rapping Parent Video Throw-down

WP_20130403_001My friend posted a rapping parent video today.  It’s the 3rd one that I’ve seen so I thought I’d have a throw down here on the ‘ole blog. I’m going to post all 3 and provide no commentary.  Seriously, I’m going to say nothing.

After you watched all three videos, you get to make your voice heard by VOTING in the snazzy poll at the end.  You can even drop some wisdom on us all in the comments section.

Now enough with this intro – let’s drop the beat on this throw-down!!

#1 – “Swagger Wagon”

#2 – “The Parent Rap”

#3 – “The Motherhood”

OK, now vote!  It’s your right and your responsibility.


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  1. I was hoping for a “none of the above” option, but went for Swagger Wagon because it was the original. I have to agree w 40 ounce, who wrote the guest post u linked (thanks, btw). I don’t understand why they have to do rap to prove their hip or bad-ass.

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