Summer 2013–1st Playlist

WP_20130517_002Well, it is about summer time.  That means warm weather, parties, vacations, days at the beach and summer jams that get played over and over, but supply the soundtrack of memories.  I think the songs that will be on repeat rotation are just coming out and here is the first batch that I’m playing.  Enjoy and feel free to add your own in the comments section. Smile

* Photo note: my portable sounds this summer will be powered by the Nokia Purity earbuds(by Monster) , Sony X Headphones and the Sony NFC/Bluetooth enabled mobile speaker.

First up is Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” off of the upcoming album that is getting a LOT of hype and may provide even more summer tunes.  This one features Pharrell who will be on the list again.

One of my favorite performers is Janelle Monae and she has an album coming soon.  Here is the first single featuring Erykah Badu.

Robin Thick is putting his mark on summer with Blurred Lines and he gets help from Pharrell and T.I. on this catchy track.

Sometimes you need a guitar driven, blues inspired groove, when it gets hot and Gary Clark Jr. has a new video for his “Numb” track.

Will this be the up and coming head-bop, hip-hop song of the summer?  “Glory” by Ryan Leslie

Alice Smith isn’t well known in the US, but she is talented and has a great new album call “She”.  Cabaret is the single & it’s good stuff.  I just wish she’ put out a video.  If anyone knows her, I know someone who would direct it! Winking smile

OK, I already broke my “if they don’t have a video, they don’t get on the list” rule, so I might as well break another one.  I guess I’m a rule breaker now.  Oh well, Ryan Leslie has two songs in the JD rotation and this is the second one – “Beautiful Lie”

What would summer be without a bit of bubblegum pop?  Here is featuring Justin Bieber with #thatPOWER.  This is in one of my Spinning playlists and it’s great when you want to give your brain a rest while working out.

Summer days turn into summer nights and you need some slow jams to set the mood.  India Arie’s “Cocoa Butter” might soothe than need.  See what I did there?

Let’s throw in a little country/rap collab with Florida Georgia Line – Cruise (Remix) ft. Nelly .
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