Toilet Humor


If you are a friend/follower on Facebook then you know that the apartment building I manage, recently had all of the toilets replaced.  This picture is of the old toilets being stacked up in the garage for removal.  I was having trouble with captions.  Some good ones:

  • All New Game of Thrones
    • THE crappiest parking job
    • Public bathroom from Hell
    • You’re in the drivers seat
    • Got gas?

Feel free to chime in in the comments section if you have more suggestions.  Did the fun stop there? Ummmm.  NO!

The toilets weren’t just in the guest parking…which itself might be a great caption meaning that no caption would be the winning caption idea.  Sorry, back on task.  In this #NoExcuses “Summer of Creativity”, I’m looking for any possible way to be creative, so I made this crappy video.  I hope it will bowl you over.  If not, keep your lid shut or I’ll be down in the dumps.  This was inspired by all the toilets in the hallways of my building.  Ladies and Gentleman, Toilet Obstacle Course.

If I had known how awesome it was going to be, I would have invited some people over for The Great Toilet Games.  As with digestion, all good things must come to and end and exit your life.  WP_20130531_013

Yes, after years of service, these old toilets themselves got the figurative flush.  I don’t know where old toilets go, but I hope they have a better life, maybe as flower pots.

We thank you, toilets, not just for helping out with our liquid and solid bio-recycling, but also for giving us a place to read…and sometimes text.  You’re the best friend when someone takes drinking to vomit levels.  Sure, many people have battles over whether your seat should be up or down.  Yes, you take away the unpleasant byproducts of digestion, but see, you also give.

I propose a toast, to the toilet.  I also propose that we share that toast with the toilet…you know…when it’s turned to pee.  It will be our way of welcoming the new toilet while honoring the service of the outgoing toilet. This flush is for you!

*This post was written on the couch.

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