Take Control – A JD Rant (with video)

WP_20130617_008Slogans have meanings, my friends.  I can tell you that breakfast CAN be the most important meal of the day, but this is not a blog about nutrition.  This is a blog about taking control and motivating yourself to move forward in your career.  It’s all about the #NoExcuses mantra and with this video, I’m not just taking about it, I’m being about it!

One of my motivations was my friend Jenna who I know because she runs a group for on-camera hosts on Facebook.  Proactive, right?  Well, today she took it another step.  She was asking for suggestions for a new DSLR camera, so that she could use that tool to take control of her own career.  This is in the rant, but if you want to follower her awesomeness on Twitter, I got the hookup for you.  Get thee to Twitter and follow @jennatimetweets.  Hit her up with some #NoExcuses props…you know, after you finish with this blog! 🙂

Now, I’m not going to say that this @NoExcuses thing is always easy. No, I had a litany of excuses that I had to overcome to get it done.  You don’t believe me, here is a pretty good list of the highlights of excuses that could have derailed me.

  • I didn’t have time to write a script. No worries, I improvised.
  • I didn’t change wardrobe to get the right colors. I just wore the sweatshirt I was wearing because it was cool this morning.
  • I didn’t have a bunch of time, so I just did one-take.  There’s a few stutters, but I feel it gives the rant some authenticity. (I keep telling myself this, so please agree)
  • No lighting equipment
  • No sound equipment

I think you’d agree that this was ripe with opportunities for excuses, and I’m glad to have just got it done and put it out there.  See what I’m doing, I’m stalling.  OK, here’s the RANT Vid!!

Well, that’s that.  That’s the rant.   I’m proud of it and I hope Jenna is proud of it and I really hope that we both have inadvertantly teamed up and inspired some of you to just get stuff done.  I’ll be following the” #NoExcuses hashtag on Twitter and Facebook and I hope to see some creative productivity from a bunch of you in the very near future.

For more phone-based #NoExcuses creativity, please check out my phonetographs blog.  You can also view my Toilet Obstacle Course video, also in the #NoExcuses realm, because I saw and reacted without thought to the site of a bunch of old toilets in a hallway.

JD out!

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  1. PS: did you just say, “you can get it up”?? Ah ha ha ha!

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