Why Windows Phone & Nokia Lumia?

SavedPicture-20121118125556_jpgI’m often asked about my phone and what I like about it.  Lots of times those questions are from iPhone or Android fans who just want to get into an argument, so I just rattle off a couple of features and let them retort.  When someone is really interested or curious, I go out of my way to answer the questions and to say what I like about Windows Phone.

Today I got an email from a woman I know and her contract has been up and she has a pretty old Android device.  She said “What do you like about Windows Phone? Sell me, Mr. Daly…”.  That was my clue and started to craft an email.  I did have some knowledge about her scenario.  What she liked about Android was in her words, “that I understand Android”.  She’s not a super techie person, so learning curve is a consideration.  I also know that she likes taking pictures. SCORE!  She’s really into Groupon. SCORE!  She does the usual Facebooking, Texting and get this…she talks on the phone!  She also asked me about the notification light that is missing in Windows Phone that is part of Android and how would she know what activities she’s missed whilst potentially away from her beloved Nokia  Lumia 928 (she’s on Verizon).   Finally, she has seen my phone and felt overwhelmed by my Start Screen.

I took all of what I know about her and what I know about Windows Phone, matched them up and I started to jot down some notes in an email and it turned into a Top 10 list, invented for her.  This seemed appropriate since Windows Phone was invented for her…and me….and  you.  What? You don’t remember that ad?  Before we get started, let’s get that out of the way:

Now, let’s get into my sales pitch.  I’m hoping to welcome another into the WinPham!  Let me know if you think I missed something.

My email to her with some adjustments.

If you understand Android, you’ll pick up on Windows Phone QUICKLY.  Android is the most complicated mobile operating system there is.  That’s a fact…and it’s why so many people who like to tinker and play and customize and unlock and sideload…love Android.

Tis true that there is no indicator light, so an adjustment in use would have to be made.  The tiles are “live” meaning you will see any activity that you’ve missed.  There are also lock-screen notifications, so you can see any missing activity there.

My homescreen is that way because I made it that way.  It’s really just a collection of three tile sizes.  I have lots of stuff, so I use more of the small tile size than others would use.  You can make yours simple…Microsoft explains it here:

Remember some of that “activity” you are seeing on my Start Screen is because I like it that way.  My “Picture Hub” tile is set to scroll through pictures that I’ve labeled as my favorite.  You don’t have to do that.  My Weather tile gives me current weather on one side and flips to show me an extended forecast.  You don’t have to have it do all of that.  It’s all about “glance and go” for some people (like you would do) or in-depth info for some (like me).  The cool part is that you can EASILY choose and even change between the two paradigms.

The standout things that I love….

1.  The camera – you know this and you’ve seen the proof (from my phonetography blog) of how amazing it is.  You will get great pictures and you’ll easily share them to Facebook without even having to open the Facebook app…you can share to Facebook directly while viewing the photo.  The camera and supporting feature set is a HUGE bonus.  Here’s a new Lumia 928 ad showing off low-light/night photography. No flash needed:

2.  Mapping and Navigation – Nokia owns Navteq which powers a lot of the standard GPS units and in-dash car GPS units.  They have a ton of data and they are using it in innovative ways.  They JUST today launched a virtual reality app for job hunting.  It uses job websites, plus your Facebook and LinkedIn to see what opportunities are around you.  I know you have a job, but it shows how innovative Nokia is with their stuff.   I’ve even used their venue mapping.  That’s inside of places like sports arenas and malls where you can find stuff inside.  It”s very useful inside of these mega malls when you just want to get to a specific store and get out. There’s also “Local Scout” which is shown in this commercial of Windows Phone against Galaxy.

3. Wireless charging – sounds gimmicky at first, but I’m sooooo used to it.  Whenever I’m not using my phone and I’m at my laptop, I just put the phone down on the pad and it charges.  This keeps my phone fully charged for whenever I grab it and go.  Definitely one of my favorite features.
4.  MUSIC – you get FREE access to XBox Music AND Nokia Music AND Pandora (with no ads for all of 2013).  Here’s the Pandora app in action…isn’t it lovely?

5.  People Hub and Me Hub – these are the center of the experience for me.  I can do all of my Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) without having to go into the apps.  It’s just plain, dumb easy.  Check out Ben explaining it:

6. SkyDrive Integration – I use this so seamlessly that I almost forgot to mention it.  It’s “the cloud” for Microsoft.  When I take pictures on my phone, they are automatically sent to a pictures folder on SkyDrive.  This has a couple of advantages: *I can delete the pics off my phone, but still have them, *I can view/share/edit from my computer.  I also put documents into SkyDrive on my computer so that I have them available on my phone or even from another computer through the web.  The explanation is way more complex than using it.  It just works.  Here’s Cam Newton talking about Skydrive and his Windows Phone pictures:

7. It’s a TOUGH phone.  The glass is Gorilla Glass, which makes it scratch and shatter resistant.  The body of the Lumia line (and all Nokia phones) is legendary for the abuse it can withstand.  I’m not joking.  Check this:

8. The screen technology.  Besides high pixel density (higher resolution that Apple’s “Retina Display”) the screens have a couple of other technologies.  They are great in outdoor lighting where other phones can’t hardly be used.  They are also super sensitive and can be used even with gloves on when you head back East for Christmas.  Umm hmmm…I used a personal tidbit in this sales pitch. 😉

9.  BEAUTIFUL apps like Groupon and Living Social.  Windows Phone lets designer use a panorama to swipe left and right instead of just up and down.  Here is the OLD Groupon app…it’s even better now, but I can’t find a video:

10. Your phone comes with amazing support from an amazing resource (pssst…that’s ME)
PHEW…hopefully, that’s a good start to your research. Lemme know if you have more questions!!

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  1. Is this part right? “4. MUSIC – you get FREE access to XBox Music AND Nokia Music AND Pandora (with no ads for all of 2013).”
    I can see a free preview month on Xbox Music but I don’t see anything that says it’s free beyond that.

    • Xbox Music has a monthly free component. It’s limited. I don’t know the limitations because I’m a Pass subscriber. I can look it up later though.

      • As far as I can tell, you can only stream a 30 second clip for free on Xbox Music with WP8.

        On Windows 8/RT you can stream 10 hours a month without paying.

  2. I think you got me…..

  3. I tested a Lumia 920 and a few apps were missing. No Grocery IQ or Waze. The Facebook app felt like it was about 3 generations old vs the Android version. I loved having office on my phone but missed the other apps too much.

    • Not sure if it matters or not, but I thought that I’d share with you:

      • The new Facebook, in public beta, is WAY better. Facebook and Microsoft worked together on it.
      • Waze is here! It’s also in beta form, but it works well.

      I have no idea about the grocery shopping app. 🙂

  4. Now Nokia is planning to embed all the great features in its lower priced Nokia phones for people who wish to buy smartphones but can’t afford.

  5. Howdy! Would you mind if I share your blog with my facebook group?
    There’s a lot of folks that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Thanks

  6. Nice convincing overview. As a Windows user I am scared of Surface. How often does your screen scramble and you need to reset the options? Does it integrate (really) with real office or only the 365 stuff? And finally, how often does the phone patch and need to reboot? I went with Android because I did not trust MS with my phone. Android is very weird but I don’t expect much from my phone except a consistent dial tone and occasional message and email. I can figure out the features as I need them and it’s cheap. Like me.

    • Hey Tom,

      I can’t afford a Surface, so I can’t comment on the tablet. As far as Windows Phone goes, it has been pretty rock solid stable. I get a freeze maybe once a month that I power cycle for and that’s about it. I’ve never had the screen scramble. It’s really a different animal than Windows for the computer. Windows on the computer attempts to operate under an infinite number of scenarios of hardware configurations and software installations, not to mention the corporate mandate of backwards compatibility. With Windows Phone, they don’t have those issue and can control the specs of each OEM. It’s a more universal experience. I use Office only occasionally, but it is “real” office and they don’t require 365 on their own platform. Only iOS and Android have to do that. The “integration” really comes down to a small workflow shift, in that you need to save documents in SkyDrive shared folders so that they are available to open in the phone or on the web.

      Don’t worry about the cost, Nokia has stepped in with some great, low-cost options. The next time you upgrade, give them a look. At the end of the day, it might not be for you, but I think you’ll be pleased with how far they’ve come.

  7. Reblogged this on The AmeriCanuck and commented:
    This is from a old high school classmate of mine that I’ve caught up with and connected with the last couple of years. He is the one that helped me see the “benefits” of Windows Phone and got me to come over and his explanation of the Why is very good so I thought I would reblog it

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