Money Robbins Needs Your Help (w/ Video)


Several years ago, I wrote a script called “Field Training” featuring a character I called “Money Robbin”.  He was a parody of the Tony Robbins style of sales guru and motivation speaker, taken to a ridiculous level.  He’s back now and he’s added an “s” to his name.  That’s not all; He’s redefining ridiculous.

“Field Training” didn’t go so well, as a short film, the first time around, but I’ve learned a lot since then.  I always liked this idea and I’m excited to jump back into the role and the project.

If you thought you’d have to wait for us to finish shooting the short film to get your Money Robbins fix, then you don’t know Money!  Here is his reintroduction to the world with info on how YOU can be a part of the experience.  No, this isn’t a crowdsourced funding request.  Keep your money; We’ll tell you how you can help after the video!

To be the best you have to be LIKE the best. Look at me and see the reflection you’re looking for!

I know, I know…you’re pretty excited to jump in.  We know you have dumb questions that you are afraid to ask elsewhere.  Money Robbins will not judge your stupidity, but rather he’ll take on the challenge of curing it.

You are invited to send ANY questions that have to do with sales or motivation.  Maybe you need the motivation to do something or you have a sales challenge.  Maybe it’s not you at all, but a “friend” that needs help.  This is a video centric project so please send video of yourself, asking your question.  You can use the webcam on your computer or even your cell phone…just don’t catch VVS, please.  Turn your phone horizontal/landscape and use the highest resolution possible.  Please note that The Money Robbins video that you no-doubt fell in love with was shot on a Nokia Lumia 920.  We didn’t even use an external microphone.  Crazy, but true.  Amazing video recording is just one reason I love my Nokia Lumia…here are more reasons. 🙂

OK, now go record some questions and email them to: moneyrobbins (at) dalydose (dot) com.  <—we can’t let the spam terrorist win.

Big thanks to my neighbor Frankie or Scooty Woop Entertainment! She let me shoot in her apartment she helped me out.  This wasn’t a “Cast & Crew of One”, but it is STILL a #NoExcuses production.  I think I just ranted about getting stuff done.  Phew, glad I’m doing it so I’m not a hypocrite.  What would Money say???

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