Only One Will Shine in the LOW LIGHT

20121118125740.jpgNokia is running a photo contest of images captured in low-light.  I’ve been taking shots like this with my Nokia Lumia 920, but I’m having a hard time choosing which to submit.   I decided to stick with the phonetography images that I’ve been posting on my other blog (  I’ve pulled three highlights of lowlight and I’d love to hear which one YOU would enter.

Thanks!  Now it’s time for more pictures – less words!

1.  The Road Oft Travelled


2.  Let’s Do This


3.  Table For One


Those are the entries and now you can vote!!

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    Nokia is having a low light photography contest and I’m gong to enter one of the picture from this blog. I have the vote going on over at my “main blog”. Check it out and let me know what you think. PLEASE???

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