Gary Clark Jr @ Jimmy Kimmel Live


I have wanted to see Gary Clark, Jr. play for a quite a while.  He’s played at venues like The Roxy on the Sunset Strip, but those shows tend to sell out in minutes.

I’m not really sure how it came to be, but I happened upon a link that got me these tickets to see a “mini-concert” taping for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.  If it had been a scam, they would have had me because I clicked it quickly without taking the time to verify whether it was legit or not.  When Gary Clark, Jr. is involved, minutes wasted can leave you wanting.  It was legit and I have video to prove it!

The email with the confirmation and ticket warned of hectic traffic and parking, so I thought I’d be smart and walk up to Sunset and take the bus for all of the 2.2 miles to Highland and then walk up to Hollywood.  The bus wasn’t bad, but there was PLENTY of parking…on the street where I was waiting in line.

Speaking of the line – it was not what you’d call a horrible wait.  We could hear the band doing soundchecks and rehearsals.  You could even see through the barrier fence in certain spots.

We got it and I was on the rail in the front row. Whoop.  I’d describe the show to you, but I had my trusty Nokia Lumia 920 and captured some of for you.  Here are three videos covering most of the “mini-concert”.

First up is probably my favorite song of his. I wish he’d make an official music video for it.  “When My Train Comes In”

“Bright Lights Big City” is probably his most famous song. I’ve heard it used in several Film/TV projects.

This last clip is the longest, but has some amazing stuff in it.  His cover of Third Stone From The Sun is always great, then he mixes in band intros and solos and even the bluesy “If You Loved Me Like You Say”.  I love when he does DJ style “scratching” on the strings of his guitar.

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