My 1st Nokia Lumia 1020 Video Test


No, the pictures to the left are not from the video shoot.  I did a photo shoot in Venice and those are some samples. Nice, huh?  I know, you came here to see some video footage, but wanted to share that with you as well as a couple of “phone” bits of info:

* One thing that I miss from the 920? I miss the wireless charging. I’m so in the habit that I still place the 1020 on the wireless charging pad for no reason.

* One thing that the 1020 has that 920 doesn’t?  The wrist strap. I know I mentioned that already, but I feel so much more secure with that thing on.

I promised to chime in on non-imaging issues/observations, so that’s that for today.  Now to the video, after the break.

Now, here is my first hand-held, mostly automatic settings out of the box. I did manually set focus on the close up shots, but that’s all that I touched. I’ll try out settings later on during this familiarization week.  Also, I did NOT use my shotgun microphone for the audio.  I’ll use that next week when I do some things that have dialog in them.

Don’t forget to change the quality to HD. Here goes:

OK, that was the ‘ole test. If anyone out there is using the Lumia 1020 and  has some tips or tricks, please let me know.  I love the idea of zooming live, but I haven’t perfected it, to make it smooth.  I would REALLY like to tap the screen to change focus while live zooming.  I always have shot ideas that can use that.

That’s it for today!

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