Hump Day with the Magically Humped Lumia 1020


It’s Wednesday and we like to call it “hump day”, as in getting over the hump of mid-week and smooth sailing into the weekend.  In a recent commercial, a camel was used to play on the word a bit.  It makes sense because the camel hump is making sure that the camel survives when resources are sparse.  In the same way, the 1020 hump makes sure that memories survive when light and proximity aren’t optimally available.  Happy Hump Day and read on to see what other tasks I’ve accomplished with the device, thus far!

#ZoomReinvented – today was cloudy, so I didn’t get the beautiful shot that I was looking for, but I think you’ll get the idea of the power that is being harnessed here.

This first picture is one that I took from the “sun” deck this afternoon.  It’s nothing to particularly interesting, but slightly left of middle is Macy’s.  That’s approximately 1.2 miles away.   You can’t really see it here, but the lossless zoom of the 1020 allowed be to reposition the photo.

WP_20131009_09_44_37_Pro (1)

The following picture is the repositioning of the same shot as above and you can clearly see the lettering for Macy’s.  This is at a pretty great distance with blah available lighting.


I was pretty impressed. I also did no post-processing.  I probably could have helped out these shots with a little brightness, saturation and contrast, but I think this is an impressive display of pushing the zooming capabilities to the max.

Speaking of the weather, I used the front facing camera to give a little weather report for Los Angeles.

My Windows Phone tidbit of the day – just like the wrist strap that I’ve gushed about…twice…is a simple, but useful thing, I’m really liking the “Glance” capability.  The time is always displayed on the screen and they tell me that the hit on battery life isn’t worth measuring, so that’s gotta be good, right?

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