Video – Go Wolverines & Go Tigers


Look at that Lumia 1020 just chillin on the sundeck.  Oh, but I had work for the trusty device. See, today is a HUGE game day for me. I’ve got the Michigan Wolverines in a tough game, the Detroit Tigers in a playoff game and the Detroit Red Wings are early in their season.

I decided to go full out and be a fan.  To that end, I took the best camera that I had on me and made me some video.  I made videos for the Wolverines and Tigers. The Red Wings have a long season ahead of them and I’ll help them out later.

With a cast and crew of ONE, I set out to put my crazy fan persona on public display.  SPOILER: Mission Accomplished.  I did need to use a tripod, but other than that, it was straight up Lumia 1020 out of the box.

On deck, to play after the Wolverines are the Detroit Tigers who are in the American League Championship Series against the Boston Red Sox.  I’m not saying that I’m superstitious, but uh…well…uh…I’m just not saying  that!


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