My Walk With Nokia Lumia 1020 to the Movies


I saw TWO screenings of films today.  I just got back from seeing “Captain Phillips”.  That’s an intense ride based on the true story of ship raided by Somali pirates.  Earlier in the day, I saw the documentary.  This one, you may not have heard of, but trust me…it’s excellent.  This film is an example of film and music coming together to make something great.

The picture on the left here is the actual theatre of the Director’s Guild of America, where I see these films.  This picture was obviously taken by the Lumia 1020, currently in my care and I used the Hipstamatic Oggl app to capture the squared off wonder.

I took 1020 with me and I walked to the DGA.  Back when I was a Marine, we would call hikes, “humps”.  I guess I took the hump on a short hump. Cue the Beavis and Butthead chuckling.  Along the way, we stopped and took notice of things and more importantly we captured them in 41 megapixel glory.  Don’t worry, I’ll share some of the good stuff, after the break.

Since I’ve already shown you the theatre view from my seat, let’s start with more theatre stuff:


These are the red ropes to keep all of us SAG-AFTRA Film Society members in order.  I got there early, so it looks like no one showed up, but they did.



Here is the theatre itself.  I was impressed with how the Lumia 1020 handled the variety of lighting in this setting. Good stuff.  The hues of red are accurate, as well.  Good job Nokia.



I saw this one and thought to myself, “TGIF for this person”.


This is what kicked off the idea for seeing what I could see on the walk to and from the theatre.  I saw toilets on the side of the street, which beg to be photographed, right?

Coming up is the section of stairs.  There are a lot of great buildings in the area and the stairs are often a showcase of style or elegance.  Here are two examples that I passed today.

WP_20131011_14_10_03_Pro  WP_20131011_17_54_32_Pro

Lovely, right.  Speaking of buildings, this next picture is of one of my favorite ones in the neighborhood.  I think this large majestic structure is an apartment building.


It looks like it should be on a campus somewhere with a bunch of smart people making poor choices as they figure out adulthood. Not that I did that or anything, it was just a random thought.  Let’s move on.


This is another cool building.  This is the Sunset Tower, on Sunset Blvd.  You probably could have guessed that, right  The building looks a little soft in this one because I chose to focus on the bunch of floral activity just to the left of center.


I think Los Angeles gets a bad rap.  We have some amazingly beautiful, tree-lined streets, like this one.  Please remember the trees, because…uh…well…


I call this “You Missed One”!  It seems like some property owner got busy cutting back some trees, but the super tall palm survived.

Let’s finish with some flowers




Petals before pedals.  These lovely flowers take the focus away from the various modes of petroleum fueled transportation occupying space on the street.


This little arrangement is in front of my building.

For the big finish is one for Tabatha who works for a corporate chain of floral shops in Michigan. She’s a big fan of tropicals and Birds of Paradise, in particular.  I lowered the exposure to tame the direct sunlight and bring out more of the colors.WP_20131011_14_29_10_Pro

That’s it for my walk today.  I think the Nokia Lumia 1020 makes a great walking partner.  It’s amazing to see what you can see all around you if you just slow down and pay attention.  Additionally, always having a great camera in your pocket allows me to be constantly ready to capture and create content on the go!

I’m so sorry, I forgot to plug the documentary.  If you have the the IMDb or MetroTube app for Windows Phone, you can look up the trailer, but hey, I’ll just embed it right here for you. That’s the kind of guy that I am.  Plus, you stuck around this long, I should share this gem with you!

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