Fix Stuff With Your Lumia


There are several tools pictured here, but you’ll only need one of them to fix the things that I’m going to show you.  If you guess the white Lumia 1020 in the middle of the picture, you’d be correct.

Before we get started, I’d like to point out that while the Lumia 1020 takes great pictures, I’m also impressed with its photogenic qualities in front of the camera.  The Nokia is no diva though and worked well with the hardhat tools that share the spotlight.

OK, let’s dig in and fix some stuff in our lives with the Nokia Lumia 1020 and some apps to help us out.

wp_ss_20131015_0004Fix Your Neighborhood

SeeClickFix (

This is a great service that allows you to report non-emergency issues to your city.  I’ve reported graffiti, stray shopping carts, furniture abandoned on the sidewalks, streetlights out and a parking sign that looked like it got ran over.  The app uses GPS to locate where you are reporting from and you can fine tune it to the exact address.  It also lets you take a picture of what you’re reporting.  You can then submit it and vote on other items being reported on by your neighbors.

This is an excellent way fix things that are wrong in your neighborhood and look all modern and tech savvy doing it.  Yes…you’ll be “that neighbor”…in a good way.  The Windows Phone app can be found HERE.  The app is also available for Android, Blackberry and iOS.


Fix Your Junk Mail

PaperKarma (

The US Mail is broken and I don’t mean financially.  That might be true, but there’s no quick fix app for that. What this app can do is help to cut down on the junk mail that you receive. Once you register, you can just scan (take picture) of your mail and they handle the unsubscribe process.

I’ve been using it for awhile and I have noticed that I have fewer things to scan and unsubscribe from now.  I love using new school technology to rid my live of old school spam.

The Windows Phone app can be found HERE.  The app is also available for Android and iOS.


Fix Your Soundtrack

Songza (

Songza is interesting because you don’t program your stations like you would with Nokia Music or Pandora.  What you do is tell the app what mood you’re in or what activity that you’re doing.  After you do that, it will present you a selection of pre-made playlists from various genres.

I use this app a lot and I’ve tuned some friends into the vibe as well.  Apparently, I’m in a bad joke mood.  There’s no mood for that or for writing specifically, but I have the “Classical for Studying” playing.  I know…I party down here  in this crazy Hollywood life.

The Windows Phone app can be found HERE. This app is available for just about any device.

wp_ss_20131015_0006Fix Your Abs

HardFox 6Pack (

I have to admit, my abs aren’t what they used to be and they were never at that underwear model level, to begin with.  I’m going to give this a go for the whole 42 day program.  I’m only on day 3, but I can tell you that I felt the burn and I’m sure that it’s doing something.  Of course, to really get a 6 pack, you’ll need some fat burning, but this app just deals with the muscles in the abdominal area. You’ll have to get your diet and cardio elsewhere.

The app is pretty much show up and go.  It shows you the moves, counts them for you and even applauds when you finish.  The applause is a nice touch and I feel recognized for my hard work.  HardFox has other apps to help you do things like get to where you can do 100 pushups at once.

The Windows Phone app can be found HERE.  I don’t immediately see the availability of this app on other platforms.

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