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I spend a lot of time talking about the imaging features of this amazing Nokia Lumia 1020 device, but it has other uses.  There are a bevy of apps that I should probably be writing about, but I can do that after my time with the 1020 is over.  I mean, I do have my Lumia 920, running the same operating system.

Photography and videography are one thing, but I find myself frequently on BOTH sides of the camera, so I need to keep an eye on  my fitness.  Obviously, vanity and aesthetics aren’t the only reasons for getting into shape, but they are powerful motivators for this guy.  No matter your reason, the Windows Phone powered Lumia can help buff you up, slim you down or just add to your performance level.

You can see here that I have the phone posing with my running shoes and a nasty post-run t-shirt.  Too bad Lumia can’t do laundry.  Never mind that though.  Like Olivia Newton John said back in the day, “Let’s Get Physical”. (BONUS – I added that music video to the end of this blog)


There are a variety of apps for running, but I’ve settled on Runtastic.  Runtastic allows you to choose from a variety of activities, but I’ve only really used it for running.  It uses GPS and map data about altitude changes to give you a good picture of how hard you worked.  That helps with calorie counting, too.  You’ll appreciate the calorie counting and integration with another app, later in this roundup.

The app integrates with the music that you have on your device to keep you entertained while you pound the pavement.   You can choose a local playlist or use the Nokia Music Streaming service.  You can also just play music using the operating system’s multi-task.

I love the mapping and data that it saves and it allows me to share (eh hem…BRAG) on Facebook

You can get even more features if you decide to “Go PRO”.  The basic is great for me.  Runtastic is available on multiple platforms.  The Windows Phone app (FREE) can be found here:


I told you about the HardFox 6Pack app, during my last roundup.  Good News: I’m still using it!

This app uses “The Weider System” to help you shape those abs that are going to be showing, after you shed the insulation, with the help from Runtastic above.  The program is 42 days long and gets progressively more difficult, as you move through it and get stronger.

The app is pretty much a “show up and hit GO” thing.  It will tell you which exercise to do and even show you an animated graphic of it. It will count the repetitions and it also counts how long you hold each engaged position.  When you’re all done for the day, you get rewarded with some applause and the promise that he will see you tomorrow.  Of course, you have to show up too, but it will be well worth it. Right??

Get the HardFox app (FREE) on the job for Windows Phone:



I highly recommend the 6 Week Training app for a fitness challenge or if you don’t have the time or budget to get to a gym or just if you want to try something different.

The program is customized to you.  You start out with a fitness test and then the app designs your program.  You do fitness tests periodically, so the app can adjust your workout.  It’s really conscientious about tailoring the workout for your fitness level.

You can include pushups, situps, pullups, dips and squats.  Since I’m doing the HardFox, I removed the situps and many won’t have a pullup bar and will remove that activity.  Be sure to setup your “Super Set” with the training activities you need.  It will do all of the planning and determination of reps that you need to do.

Again, this app will take you through everything and keep track of your progress.  You just need to show up and follow instructions.  It will even set reminders on the phone for you.  You tell it which 3 days a week that you want to workout and what time and it will remind you.  I think this is a nice touch that integrates the apps workout into your calendar.

You can get the 6 Week Training app (FREE) for Windows Phone here:

wp_ss_20131027_0003Bringing it all together is the MyFitnessPal app.  This app will help you keep track of the big picture with regard to exercise and diet.

It works with Runtastic, so any running or hiking or anything you do that Runtastic measure can be set to automatically be sent to MyFitnessPal.  You’ll want to do it too…more on that in a bit.  You can also enter your own activity.  Sometimes I do Insanity or P90X workouts, so I just make note of the time and use the calisthenics option.

The amazing thing is how it helps you keep track of what you’re eating.  The app is widely used on multiple platforms, so most of the work has been done for you.  All you have to do is to do a search for what you’re eating and the nutritional information will be there.  To make it even EASIER, it will use the camera (ARG…I talked about the camera again)…it will use that lens thingamajob as a barcode scanner.  I haven’t come across anything that wasn’t already in the database, so it is pretty extensive. It’s impressive.

When you first fire up up the app, you give it some information about yourself and about your goals and then it will give you the calories that you should be eating to meet those goals.  The GOOD NEWS is that when activity is added to the equation, the app gives you MORE calories that you can consume.  See, I told you that you’d like Runtastic automatically telling MyFitnessPal what you’ve done.  You earn more eating.  What’s better than that?

The app has social features if you want to participate.  I have some friends that use the app and I can see if they used the app and if they met their goal for the day.  I do not see any personal information or anything specific to weight, calories or even exercise.  It just says if the overall goal for the day was met.

This app is truly a tool to help keep track of your big picture goals and progress.  There are some things that I’d like to see with further development of the app like a Live Tile with your progress for the day and also a weekly goal.  I hope these things are coming, but even as is, it is really helpful.  MyFitnessPal is available on multiple platforms.  The Windows Phone version (FREE) can be found at:


OK, that’s how I turned the Windows Phone powered, Nokia Lumia 1020 and the Lumia 920 before it, into a fitness MACHINE.  The picture on the left here was after a Runtastic tracked run.  You can see the headphones, so you know I was listening to some tunes that I have in my XBox Music collection. I make some eclectic playlists. I won’t list them all here, but this one included: Gary Clark Jr., Bob Dylan, Eminem, TechN9ne, The Roots, Chromeo, etc.

You can see from my sweaty face, that calories were burned and that information was automatically sent over to MyFitnessPal which then automatically increased my allowed caloric intake for the day.  Ummm hmmm…we ate well!

You’ve got that fancy device with the fancy…uh…I gotta do it…the fancy camera.  If you want to look your best in those pictures, get on a plan today.  The apps are all free.  The apps do most of the thinking for you.  Free + easy = NO EXCUSES.  I hope to see some comments with some sweaty pictures.

In case you weren’t aware, sweaty is the new sexy.

BONUS:  You’ve stuck with me this long and your reward is Olivia Newton John and her “Let’s Get Physical” video.  Don’t say I never do anything for you!

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