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My mission: To put my #NoExcuses manta to work.  Last week, I wrote some mini-short scripts and now I wanted to shoot them.  I was having trouble scheduling with anybody to help me, so I picked one that I thought that I could shoot on my own and I just decided to do it today.

It took a good portion of my afternoon, but I like how it turned out.  I was able to show off the Nokia Lumia 1020’s HD capability.  I was also able to (hopefully) show a bit of the funny that exists in my head.  Most of all, I just got something done and that is so important in creating the habit of creating.

OK, let’s jump into it.  I’ll give a few tips along the way…

First things first. This camera is HD, so I had to “powder up”.  I’m not ashamed.WP_20131112_007

I had just shaven so you’ll see that some of the powder stuck to the micro-hairs, sticking up.  Oh, how I wish my makeup expert Andria was available.  Oh well, this was about NoExcuses, right?

WP_20131112_009Now that I was prepared, I needed to prep the phone.  If you are shooting video that is really important, be sure to put the phone into “Airplane Mode”.  No only do you not want calls and text and emails coming in while you are shooting, anything in the background can cause a ‘blip’ in your video file.  Trust me…you don’t want “blips”.

Here’s the setup.  I used a cheapo tripod and a “Phone Boat” to attach the Lumia.


You can see that I also have some lights.  I got these on Amazon for REALLY cheap.  They are from Cowboy Studios and they did the job for me today.

I was by myself so I didn’t have anyone to hold a boom, so I used the on-board microphones of the phone to capture my audio.  The Lumia devices have great microphones, but they tend to capture everything in the space.  When recording dialog, it’s preferable to isolate the voice of the actor.  This came out pretty well, though.  There was some echo, but it was definitely usable.

OK, let’s go ahead and play the short film now.  Ladies and gentleman, I give you “Home Turf”

Wow…thank you. I can hear your applause!

WP_20131112_016Now, I am borrowing the Lumia 1020, so some people at Nokia might be nervous to see that under water shot.  Never fear, the device was completely safe.

I put one bowl, upside down, on the bottom of the sink and placed the phone on it.  Then I put a large, clear bowl over that stack.  The top bowl protects from the stream of water coming from the fountain.  The inner bowl elevates the device to protect it from water as it heads for the drain.

See?  100% Safe.  BONUS TIP: Don’t use water that is too hot, or you’ll get steam inside of the outer bowl.  Steam will mess up your shot and your phone.  We want you to have a great shot and a functioning device to shoot more great shots.   Be careful, my friends.

I edited in Sony Vegas Pro and I arranged the music using Sony Cinescore which sadly, no longer exists.

So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed the video and I’d love to hear what you think.

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  1. You are my #noexcuses hero 😉

  2. Brilliant! On a technical note, I noticed numerous color changes through a few scenes, and some video blips (auto focus?)

    • Thanks, BT!!

      You noticed correctly. Being by myself, it was easier to leave it on auto focus that to risk setting the wrong focus. If I try to do a solo shoot again, I’ll probably print out a bulls eye pattern and tape it to something where I will be standing/sitting. There is that big color change too and I’m not 100% certain why that happened. I did have outside light coming in and maybe a cloud went over and the auto white balance might have tried to compensate.

  3. Jeff this is great! Will you do my videos???? Did you buy this phone just for the camera and still use another phone?


    • Thanks Kim! I **always** want to do your videos. You’d be SUPER easy to shoot. Lenses are really good at capturing hotness. 😉

      I haven’t bought the phone. Nokia has a “Connects” program and they are letting me trial it and use it to create. I actually “moved in” to the phone and use it daily. The end is near and I might literally cry when they fetch it from me.

      We seriously need to talk about our video stuff!


  4. BAH H HA HA HA HA! “it’s out… it’s not here…..” That was my favorite part. Other than…. The purple PIMP HAT! 😉

  5. Yes let’s chat maybe next week about it!

  6. This is great! I have only slightly more confidence to create videos with my own phone. Thank you!

  7. Good for you Jeff! We’ll be updating the PerformerTrack User Spotlight area soon!
    Would love to see you shoot a series and then release 1 a week.

  8. We totally can find the time. If you want to set a preliminary meeting, we can do it. Certainly we’ve got a s-ton of talent! Email me & tell me if you are around during Christmas-NY…that’s a start.

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