Lumia 1020 on Roids

APict Logo

This modern piece of photographic genius is capable of taking amazing pictures.  I was thinking that there had to be more. With the fad of InstaGrime, it appears that “more” is actually “less” and retro.

I took the plunge and put the Lumia on ‘roid…as in Polaroid.  Obviously, this was via an app and this app is called APict.

Let’s dig in and see a couple of examples.


Speaking of retro, I found this corded phone that wants real coins to operate. Not only will it not take a debit/credit card for payment, but it won’t check my Facebook or let me Tweet. I can’t take pictures with it, nor can I watch Netflix. I can’t check my banking balance or even send a lowly text message.  This thing won’t tell me the news or tell me a joke or tell me that I’m late for a meeting.

I’m kind of wondering what people ever used these things for.  I mean, this one isn’t even enclosed so Clark Kent would have had no privacy when he changed into Superman.  Even if you went to see the movie, this thing wouldn’t fit in the seat and I imagine that using it while driving would be dangerous.


apict2013-11-25_09-02-05-PM_jpgI love the abundance of photo opportunities in my neighborhood.  I can go from the hustle and bustle of the Sunset Strip down to the modern serenity of the Pacific Design Center.  For this picture I just needed to walk down the street a few buildings.

This is an entrance to an apartment building with a lovely garden setting behind a gate.  It’s old charm and character felt like the perfect match for a Polaroid style display, so that’s what I did. I resisted the urge to shake the phone however.

As far as the app goes, it’s pretty straight forward. You can use an existing photo from the library or take a new one.  You’ll then be presented with screen that let’s you add the writing.  You can select from several fonts and an array of “maker ink” colors.  There are also filters available for…uh…filtering.   When you’re finished you can save the creation to the phone and/or you can share it via social media, email or text (MMS).

APict is a fun app to add another level to your pictures.  Its on sale right now for zero dollars and zero cents.  I read that it will likely be FREE through this holiday weekend, so grab it and let’s see these ultra modern Windows Phone put out some throwback, retro goodness.

With that I give you Outkast’s “Hey Ya”, who reminded us to “shake it like a Polaroid picture”!

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