My MOvember in PureView


If you’ve been following along, lately I’ve been highlighting my experiences with the Nokia Lumia 1020.  I’ve been so enamored with the device that I almost forgot about Movember.  Movember is a time that not only gives men the excuse to grow a ‘stache, but it also promotes men’s health awareness as it pertains to different kinds of cancer.  That’s a good looking bit of exposure for a good cause, huh?  I thought so too.

I had grown my facial hair for a character in another video project and I decided to cut it off except for the moustache.  I also documented the whole things with the Lumia. See, I can multi-task, especially when both tasks are filled with insane amounts of goodness.  OK, Let’s expose My MOvember!

I made the decision to jump into MOvember.  Fortunately, I didn’t have to grow a mustache, I merely needed to remove the hair from the other places on my face.  To capture that, I fired up the Vine application for Windows Phone.  Here’s the result…

Good times, right?

WP_20131126_12_39_43_ProI then needed to capture the moment.  Here’s a picture using the front-facing camera and the Nokia Camera app.  It’s me in my robe.  Easy ladies, there’s enough room in my People Hub for all of your numbers.

I think the camera did a great job even with the auto white balance, considering that this was fluorescent lighting in the bathroom.  It’s a good thing that the auto works well, because “auto” is your only option with the front facing camera.  I can’t lie; I am rather impressed with how it seemed to capture the essence of my charisma. That’s important, because I will not be defined exclusively by my looks.

The rest of the pictures in the collage above, were taken with the TapShoot App (99 cents) for Windows Phone.  I’ve written about the app before, but to recap: it uses two Windows Phone devices, one is the camera and the other remotely controls the other and uses the screen as a viewfinder. Cool.  So I threw the Lumia 1020 on a tripod as the camera and used the Lumia 920 to remotely control and view the 1020.  I had myself a little selfie photo shoot going on.

The collage at the top of the this post was made with the Fotor app (free).  I use that a lot for collages and sometimes for editing a single image.  Of the images in the collage only one could represent me in my profile picture to close out MOvember and this is it.


I chose this picture because I thought it looked the most…well, it’s kind of bad ass, right?  I’m looking off into the distance an impending danger.  I’m well lit by the sun with some shadow and highlight enhanced drama.

This is the beauty of the TapShoot app, I can line all of this up remotely and see what it looks like.  I can then lower my hand out of the shot and take the picture.  If I needed my hands in the shot, I could set the timer and throw the camera in my pocket. BOOM…enhanced selfie time!

FYI – I used Fotor to crop, enhance and add the frame to this shot.  Nice work, Fotor!

So that is My MOvember as documented with my phone!  Of course, I’m not the only on celebrating.  Here’s Nick Offerman with some advice on the manly art of growing a moustache.  You’re welcome.

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