2 Lumias + TapShoot App = Better Selfies


If you’re like me, then you too are your own favorite model.  You not only have the looks and camera presence, but there’s an amazing relationship between photographer and subject.  These can be key ingredients for the magic to happen in the lens.  Look at the magic right here, that I caught during ‘Movember.  Don’t worry, the stache is stashed away now.

There are challenges to getting a great selfie.  It takes more that mere aesthetic prowess.  You can stick your arm out and generally aim in the right direction, but you’re better than that. Our beautiful faces deserve perfect framing, not a guess.  You can also use the front facing camera, but please.  You can’t entrust the capture of your image, your personality and your self-important brand, to inferior megapixels.  There has to be a better way, right “me”?  You guessed it “myself”.  Hey “I”, show the good people our secret to better selfies.

Remember the ‘Mo picture above?  If not, just look up a couple of lines.  Anyway, you can see that I’m holding the beautiful RED Nokia Lumia 920.  How did I take the picture? Excellent question.  If you’re playing along at home (and if you read the title) you know that I used not one, but two Lumias.  I’m holding one and the other was used to capture this picture.  How did it do that?  Wow, you are full of great questions today.

This is where I introduce you to TapShoot, an app for Windows Phone devices.  You can get it in the Windows Phone Store here: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/tapshoot/c0e03ff5-8a4e-48fd-acb2-1fe296f892e7

Before I get into how easy it is to use TapShoot, let me show you some pictures of…well…me!


I had a little photo shoot with myself to get the perfect Christmas selfie, to post on Facebook.  Because I wasn’t tethered to the phone, having to extend my arm out, I was able to get into some different poses.  Since I wasn’t shooting blind, I was able to frame each shot., just how I wanted.

Let me tell you how easy it was getting it done with TapShoot.  You need two Windows Phone 8 devices.  Go ahead and install the app on both devices, then make sure that Bluetooth and NFC (aka Tap+Send) are both turned on in “Settings”.

One phone is the camera and the other is the remote.  The phone that you want to use as the camera needs to have the app opened up on it first.  This is how it knows that it’s the “camera”.  Then you tap the phones together.  The phone that is the remote will pop up a message asking if you want to open TapShoot.  You click “Yes” and when you do, the app will open it up in remote mode.  Here you can see what the phone designated as camera sees, on the remote’s screen.  Sweet, right?  You’re looking at yourself. You can also do some things remotely like control the flash setting, touch focus and zoom in/out.  You’ll notice that I’m not holding the phone in any of these selfies and that’s because there’s a shutter timer, to give you time to put the remote phone in your pocket or set it down.

Everyone once an a while, the two phones lost Bluetooth connection, but I just tapped them again and I was back up and running.  You don’t want to hear about troubleshooting problems, thoBargain hunter hunting ugh. I apologize and offer you another picture of…well…ME!

I definitely took advantage of the timer for this shot.  I also used a tripod, with an accessory called the Phone Boat.  The Phone Boat is useful for both tripod use and without on a flat surface.  Check out their site.

A little back story about this shot.  I took it before Black Friday when people were camping out for deals.  My caption on Facebook was “I hear people are camping out for Black Friday – Let’s play”.  I didn’t actually “Super Soak” anyone, but the idea seemed funny to me.  It was a good day of selfie validation via “Likes” and “Comments”, the currency of social ego.

So that’s TapShoot on Windows Phone 8.  To summarize, the app uses two phones allowing you to control one with the other, giving you the freedom to be your own personal photographer to take better selfie-portraits.   Apparently, some people use it for group photos.  “Other people”? That’s a concept that I hadn’t considered. I’ll have to give that some thought, but in the meantime there’s plenty of opportunities for me to photograph myself and I.  We are a great team.

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