My New Year 2014 Playlist

I put together 14 songs to get my mind right for 2014.  Please note that these are not all “new” songs and that this list is a fluid one that represents the moment.  If I put it together tomorrow, it would be different. There are lots of genres represented, so you will probably like some and not others and that’s OK.


Nina Simone – Feeling Good

This is always a great start.  Feel good or at least TELL YOURSELF that you feel good and kick things off with a great attitude.

That’s 1 down, 13 to go.  Keep watching!

Pharrell Williams – Happy

Well, it’s friggin HAPPY – this HAS to be in the playlist!  How many celeb cameos do you count?

Aloe Blacc – Love Is The Answer

Any questions? See above.

Tape 5 – A Cool Cat In Town

Such a cool song and I think I might get caught dancing like no one is watching when this plays in my headphones.  I found this via the Songza App on my Nokia Lumia – Windows Phone.

The Roots – The Fire

Such a motivational song. The video isn’t as motivational, but it still really well done.   This is always a great climbing song in Spinning class.

Lady Gaga & R. Kelly (LIVE) – Do What You Want

This is making the list for a few reasons:
1.  This is a collaboration that I never would have imagined and it works. (I’m going to collab with people this year)
2.  They showed of their LIVE PERFORMANCE skills.  (I’m going to keep adding to my skills)
3.  I love the theatrics. (Hmmm…I think I might miss the stage)

Eminem – Rap God

Talk about coming back at the TOP of one’s game!  This inspires one to take what you are already doing to the next level.

Gary Clark Jr. – When My Trains Pulls In

I can’t have a defining music list without Gary Clark Jr.  In 2013, I was able to see him perform twice and his shows are freaking amazing.  “I’ll be ready when my train pulls in” reminds me to BE PREPARED…always.  That’s a great thing to be reminded of.

Tech N9ne &  Serj Tankian – Straight Out The Gate

Another collaboration by two artists who don’t care about genres and just get it done!  It’s also called  “Straight Out The Gate” which kind of fits the list.

The Black Keys – Howling For You

OK, this isn’t even my favorite Black Keys song, but I love this creativity.  The music video is a fake movie trailer for a film that I’d love to see!  This is all kinds of creative goodness.  Plus, would the “banging” by Tricia Helfer be worth the “hangin”.

Beyonce & Shakira – Beautiful Liar

Let’s face it – nothing is more motivating than the prospect of impressive a top shelf woman. Well, how about TWO of them in one video.  These two are off the market, but they are a reminder of what is available to successful men!  Umm hmm…time to get all successful-like!  This also reminds of hangin with my peeps in 2009-2010 watching video and video via YouTube on the big TV.

Apocalyptica feat. Doug Robb – Not Strong Enough

If you can’t tell, I like stuff that goes next level or goes to a new place. This is a new place. These guys play rock  music…with cellos.  The only instruments in this are three cellos, drums and the guest singer from Hoobastank.  Good stuff.  “Not Strong Enough” doesn’t seem like a good title for a New Year’s playlist, but think deeper.

Alice Smith – Fool For You (cover of Cee Lo Green)

I **love** this song and I **love*** her voice. I will express no more feelings of love, lest I sound like a stalker.

John Legend – All of Me

You gotta give it all whether in love or other passions.

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