My PureView of the Hollywood Sign Hike


Last week, I was in Portland and the change of scenery was great, but you gotta come home, right?  My friend John reminded me that we often forget how interesting the place we live can be.  With that being said, I decided to share one of my favorite hikes in Los Angeles.

In my pursuit of entertainment fame and fortune…or just the ability to pay my bills by doing what I love…I sometimes need perspective.  It’s the kind of perspective that tells you that your awesome even when you can’t get a meeting or a referral or an audition.  Yes, perspective feeds the ego and shuts out negative talk because OBVIOUSLY “they” are the one’s missing out.

OK, enough of that (for now).  Let’s get to the hike.  Every picture was taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020.  Most were taken with the Nokia Camera app, but some were taken with Fhotolens and 4Blend HDR apps.  Finally there are some panorama shots taken with the Nokia Panorama app.  I’d like to say that this was a sponsored piece.  Seriously, Microsoft, Nokia, etc…I’d LOVE to say that this is a sponsored piece.  How ‘bout it?

Yes, there’s the hike.  The picture above is on Beachwood Drive which takes you to the trailhead.   Much like going to the movies or watching TV, the sign reminds you of your destination for the entire journey.  Keep reading past the break to experience the journey with me.


Here is the trailhead of the Hollyridge Trail.  You get here and there’s no direction toward your goal.  It’s just an area of choices of direction and your best bet is to follow the pack and do what others do.  YES, I’m still talking about the hike.

The climb to the top can be laborious and monotonous and a lot of other “us” words.  Unfortunately, many times you have to go on this trek alone.  Sometimes, you even have to take a selfie in pure, unashamed, self-promotion mode.


Like any Hollywood project, a good hike has moments that need highlighting, in a montage.  Here’s a stack-o-panos using the Nokia Panorama app on the ‘ole (actually kinda new) Lumia 1020.




I know, right? I hear you gasping in wonder.

There’s one more panorama that I’d like to show you, but that has to wait for the 3rd act…the big finish.  We have to get there first.   I’m pretty sure that we’re on the right path.  Look ahead.


It seems so close, but we know there’s a good amount dirt and filth that we have to go through to get to our dreams.  We’re not always proud of what we have to do, but…oh, I’m saying too much.

QUICK: Insert another self-promotion picture, post-montage to show the struggle of our hero.


You kind of feel bad for him, don’t you?  You see the the shadows bearing down on him, indicating the punishment of the sun.  You can catch a glimmer of sweat from his exertion toward mission’s end.  You witness his manly ruggedness, illustrated with facial hair growth.  You must also notice that while rugged, he is also refined – that facial hair has neatly tamed borders.

Yes, this is your hero.  In this production he does it all.  He walks, he types, he takes the pictures and he poses for the pictures.  He even goes so far as to glowing refer to himself in the 3rd person.  The ego will carry me…I mean, him to the top, my friends.

Enough about me and back to…


As we get closer and closer, we see remnants of the dangers and obstacles in our path.  Is this deterrent enough to turn around.  NO, I say.  Please hold while I change the song in my headphones.  Seriously people; You need to have a good soundtrack.  I don’t know a lot (I actually do, but I’m being approachably humble), but I do know that you have to pair the magical sound of the right music to complete any scene…unless it’s a blog/web page.  I *hate* when they auto play music on the web and you can’t find where to mute it or turn it of. That’s JUST SO INFURIATING.

…and we’re back!

Our journey to the heights of Hollywood is close. I can feel it.


Just up this path, past the horse. FYI – be glad that there’s no smell-a-vision during this portion of the show.

Just…one…more…dramatically lit…turn…


Just when you think you’ve “made it”, there’s always a hater, beating down on your dreams, filling you up with doubt and mixing metaphors to confuse you.

This is NOT a sign. Well, it is a sign, but not that kind of…you know what I mean.


Look beyond the distraction and before you know it, you’ve arrived.  You’ve ARRIVED!!!

Will someone PLEASE get a shot of the conquering hero having arrived? Please. Yes. Thank you.  That whole conversation with myself wasn’t weird, was it?  Never mind that…cue up the violin heavy, victory tune and focus in…


As you are swept away in the orchestral-gasm and before you realize the pre-school level of obvious symbolism, we cut away to the beautiful panoramic shot that you’ve been waiting to see.  This is why you whipped out your phone to check-in.  This made the journey worthwhile.  This is what will make you send your friends and family and stranger here to experience the magic and wonder for themselves.  I’m not joking about that.  Share, share and share some more!

The orchestra is getting tired of holding that dramatic string interlude.  Give them a chance to transition by finally showing the panoramic wonder!!!


The End.


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