Selfies w/ Lumia Series


If you’ve been paying attention to any of my social media channels this past week, you’ve probably noticed a theme.  I’ve been taking selfies using the Lumia 1020, of my and my Lumia 920.  The 920 display shows a picture that is always the “prop” .  I always used language as though each image was showing an “app” that should be available for Windows Phone.

It all started with this picture of me sleeping with a “teddy bear”, that I entered into a selfie w/ phone contest run by  Alas, the contest was a random drawing and not for having a creative, well-executed shot.  I didn’t win, but I got inspired take more.  Let’s see what I came up with!

Post Night of Bad Decisions App

The next night I decided to pay homage to the little cold that I had.  I didn’t actually have a headache, but I thought the ‘old ice bag on the head was a great, generic symbol of illness.


People who know me, know that I’m a baby when I’m sick, so I gave myself a “binkie” to represent that side of me.  I also used a frame that looks like a video camera.


Wednesday became “Big Money” day.  I slipped the Nokia in my wallet with what I call the app that keeps on giving.  The sad part about this picture is that I’m giving Navy Federal Credit Union some free publicity and they don’t even have a Windows Phone app.  They told me that it was because there is a lack of member interest. REALLY???  Why don’t we all let them know about our interest on Twitter. Their handles are @NavyFederal and @NavyFederal Help.   You can also contact them on their website:


On Thursday, I decided to use the whole “broken heart” thing.  I called this image, “Yeah, I’m Fixin It”.  Apparently, the cure for a broken heart is just drinking straight out of the bottle and brushing up on your pickup technique, all while looking sad.

This shot was harder than the rest.  I was on a tall chair with the book resting on my knee and the phone balancing on top of the book.  I’m not sure how I held the phone with left hand to take the picture.  I’m sure the Jack Daniels helps me through it.

This fake app tracks the hurt and healing of the heart.

Oh, that was a good Thursday, but we know the star of the week is…


HAPPY FRIDAY!  This megaphone “app” is the one that could maybe actually, be possible.  No matter, it was good times and kick-off to the weekend. Whooooop….

Of course, I’m not going to stop taking selfies with my trusty Nokia by my side.  I’m kicking off this next week with one inspired by The Walking Dead.  The episode this week was so shocking that I imagine that I could have looked like this picture below!  As you can tell, both of my hands are free.  I used a tripod and the timer to take this shot.


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