ABC Juice for Mission: Camera Ready


Oh how I wish getting fit could be exclusively handled in the gym.  If only I could lift and Spin my way back to Warrior JD with just my blood, sweat and tears.  Unfortunately, a good deal of fitness happens in the kitchen and while my muscles get their fair share of punishment, my taste buds take the most abuse.

In order to give a boost of micronutrients from time-to-time one can gulp down a juice.  Today, I did just that and I am am going to share the experience with you.

Keep on reading to see what the ABC Juice and how you can make it for yourself….

  • A – Apple
  • B – Beets
  • C – Carrots
  • (plus Ginger

OK, that’s enough words.  Let’s get to the video!!

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  1. If you can believe it… I have NEVER HAD BEETS BEFORE IN MY LIFEEEE!!

    I hope you followed this up with some protein! 😉

  2. Greetings to you, lucky blogger. I shake you warmly by the hand!
    I am, hereby, nominating you for the Liebster Award.
    All the information you need is here ->
    Looking forward to reading more about you!

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