Social Media client, eCMS, gets Klout!

eCMS Klout Screen Capture

If you’ve been keeping track of me these past few months, you know that I’ve been going to Portland, Oregon from time to time.  Sure it’s been a lot of fun, but I’ve been going there to work with eComMerchantSolutions.  It appears that the social media work that we have been doing is starting to work.

Today, eComMerchantSolutions showed up on the Klout website under the section of recommended posts to make.  eCMS was listed under the “Merchant Services” tag.  This is because they are a credit card processing company offering services to businesses that wish to accept credit cards either online or point-of-sale.  They have some amazing services that follow the philosophy of the C.E.O., Kristie Kliese (@KK_eCMS) .  I’ll let you read all “About – eCMS” on their site:

I helped with some social media strategy, but the hard work and creativity is put in every day by Sierra (@Sierra_eCMS).  I continue to lend my Klout (66 today) by ReTweeting.

If you need credit card processing with NO contract, NO leases and serviced by AWESOME people, or even if you just want a great resource for small business news/info,  please check out the eCMS website and follow them on Twitter and “Like” them on Facebook.

If you need some social media marketing help, you’re already on the right site.  You can find ME on Twitter (@dalydose), too!

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