Images to Video on my Lumia 1020

Chinese Theater - HollywoodI needed to be down in Hollywood for an appointment and I decided to do a little tourist walk.  I took 10 minutes and gathered some pictures and a couple of videos.  Later, I had some Pho for dinner.  You don’t know what Pho is?  Not to worry, you’ll see it in the second video.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is perfect for capturing great images.  The Windows Phone ecosystem has a ton of apps to use with imaging, as well.  Today, I’ll show you examples of  two of these apps I used to quickly put together video content to share on social media.

I made this first video with the Lumia Storyteller app.  This app pulls together still pictures and videos and puts them to music, quickly and automatically.  You just select the content that you’d like to use.  I hope they allow some customization in future upgrades.  I don’t like the date automatically being used, for example.

When I got home, I decided to hit up Phonomenal, a restaurant in my neighborhood.  They have magical Pho soup.  I got it to-go, so I had to do some home assembly.  It’s not Ikea difficult or anything and you get delicious goodness when you’re done.  Again, I used the Lumia 1020 to capture and this time I used an app called Photo Slide to make the video from stills.  I also used Movie Maker 8.1 to upload this video to Instagram, as well at YouTube.

Do you have any tools that you use for these kinds of jobs?  Let me know in the comments.  I tried to use Flipagram, but there was a problem adding music to the slideshow. I’ll try them out next time.

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