10 Random Thoughts


JD Ponders Randomly

Sometimes I have random thoughts. By sometimes, I mean most of the time. These random thoughts would seem just…kind of…sorta…crazy, if put them out there, with no context.  I could Tweet them individually or write a series of Facebook status updates, but that might cause my friends to stage an intervention.  I usually opt to keep them to myself, but today I felt like sharing.

I decided to list ten of these random thoughts because ten seems like the least random number that I could come up with, for a list. There are always Top 10 lists for doing things or ranking things.  So a list of random thoughts with a perfectly normal number seemed about right

OK, enough chatter…on with the list!

  1. Almost all of time-keeping devices turned themselves back last night. Where can I get a smart microwave?
  2. What would happen if today, I pulled a stocking over my face, knocked on doors with a realistic toy gun in one hand, and held out a sack in the other?
  3. We have a mid-term election on Tuesday and the presidential campaign basically starts on Wednesday. Ugh.
  4. Halloween was Friday and the retail Christmas campaign basically starts now. Ugh.
  5. WAIT…could we really have Bush vs. Clinton for 2016? Ridiculous. Partisans, just stop before you type. We know you love your gang unconditionally, but this is REdicluous. See what I did there?
  6. The Indiana Hoosiers have more wins in the SEC than they do in the B1G Ten.  They also beat a current SEC division leader Missouri…AT Missouri. Interesting.
  7. The Detroit Lions have a bye this week and I feel like *I* am getting the proper rest and healing that a Detroit Lions fan needs to get through the 2nd half of the season.
  8. Beer battered, chocolate dipped bacon. Self challenge, accepted.
  9. If you want to be a successful, wealthy screenwriter, it’s pretty obvious that you have to first write a comic book.
  10. If one wanted to join the CIA or NSA wouldn’t it be wise to make that known, in a blog, using a vague reference that after-the-fact people would be like “Duh, that was obvious”, but in real time is kind of coded? I mean they monitor the Internets for #keywords and I bet they’d like to know if someone wanted to help them battle #ISIS and the #Taliban to end #anti-American #terrorism.

Wow, you made it through that random list of random thoughts. For that, you get a prize.  Here is me from last MOvember! You’re welcome. Enjoy!

I started late, but this year I might just go for the full Billy Dee!

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