Picture Yourself


Many times we make our first impression, not in person, but online.  It’s a static image that doesn’t have the charisma of your animated self.  We need to maximize the impression that this image makes.  Does it put you in your best light while still looking like you?  Does it give clues to your personality?  When they look into your photographed eyes, do they see a sample of your soul?

If we work together, the answer to those questions will will be YES.  Are you read to Picture Yourself?


Picture Yourself…in a headshot.

Do you need that perfect headshot for entertainment purposes or maybe even for your online profile.  The aim here is not just to make you look your best.  Sure, that’s important, but we also need  to showcase you.  Let’s make sure the light washes over you in a flattering way.  Let’s show off what is best about you.  That could be your eyes, your smile, your hair, your style or any combination of those or other attributes.

Caitlin here on the right is a working singer and she has loads of fun pictures, but she needed something simple and elegant to use for an acting audition.  We emphasized the softer side of you look and personality.  We in the doorway of the garage of my building!  I used a reflector to fill her face in to make her pop even more from the darker background.

To see more examples of portraits/headshots and even some engagement and wedding photos, please take a look at this gallery that I made with Office Sway: https://sway.com/fnC_54CGS5kslt_B

Right not I am having some great specials if you are looking to Picture Yourself.

  • Acting Headshots
  • Corporate Headshots
  • Online Profiles Pictures (Social Media and Online Dating)
  • Family Portraits —> Holiday Card Photos!
  • Engagement Photos
  • Wedding Photography
  • Event Photography.
  • I specialize in people/faces

Give me a call at: 323-410-1970 – it’s a Google Voice number so you can leave a message and/or text me there.

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  1. JEFF – what the BLEEP are we waiting for! Lets DO THIS ASAP!

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