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wp_ss_20141122_0001Like for a lot of people, music is a big part of my life.  Living in West Hollywood, I walk a lot errands, so I have the headphones in.  I workout to music.  I teach Spinning class to music.  I seem to cook and clean with a soundtrack playing to make chores bearable.  I fall asleep to the Songza “Classical for Sleeping” channel.  I’m not a music snob. I listen to the popular stuff, but I crave variety and I love when artists redefine themselves or their genre.  I’m not loyal to the genre paradigm; I just love passionate and artistic expression.

OK, now that my rant is over, I’m going to pull some things from my current playlists that you may or may not be familiar with.  These aren’t all “new”, but they are current in the JDE Soundtrack!


Speaking of genre busting,here is Black Violin with their song, “A Flat” from 2012.  They have some songs that I like even better, but this one has a proper video and it is pretty great, too.

My trips to New Orleans have made me fond of brass bands.  The traditional bands that roam the streets are a treat for the ears.  There’s a new generation coming up and they do amazing things in the studio and on stage.  One group that I’m playing now is the Hypnotic Brass Band.  They are actually out of Chicago, but I love their vibe!  This song was apparently in The Hunger Games movie which broadened it’s exposure.

Ed Sheeran will be recognizable to a lot of you.  His pal Hoodie Allen won’t be known by as many.  Hey, now you’ll all know both with their collab “All About It”.  This one has some language…the S word and F word make appearances, so if you have protected ears, be aware.

I became a fan of Ledisi from hearing her on a MixRadio channel based on Alice Smith and Janelle Monae.  They played one of her older songs, “Turn Me Loose”, which still might be my favorite, but I’m going to help people sell records.  This song, “Like This” in on her newest album.

Prince has been seen in the mainstream again.  Here’s “Funkroll” from his latest.

Gwen Stefani is back with “Baby Don’t Lie”.  It’s the lead single of what is supposed to be a monster album, coming soon.

Chromeo is still in my playlist with “Over Your Shoulder”, plus there’s the joy I get that a guy is getting over 130K hits from dancing to their song, in his room.   Good for you, guy!

Estelle is great and teamed up with Janelle Monae makes this even better. This is from 2012 and didn’t get enough play, in my opinion.  Maybe they should have made a video.  I know some peeps that would shoot it UNDER budget! 😉

I don’t always put electronic music on these lists, but when I do, they are AWESOME with AMAZING videos! This is a great song and an even better video.  They tell a full story…a feel good story…an animal loving story…a faith in humanity story.  Watch and feel “Right Here” from Rudimental featuring Foxes.

TechN9ne is always on my playlists. This dude is prolific and one of the most successful artists and he works without a major label.  This anti-bullying song, “Fragile”, got some airplay.  Kendrick Lamar guests on this and puts in a worthy verse! MAYDAY and Kendall Morgan also join in. Great collab effort!

Woah…we started with a song featuring the string bowing brilliance of violins and end with a song featuring struggle and triumph of a young violinist against bullying.  I wouldn’t say this list has anything close to a theme, but that’s kind of a cool circle.  I’m dropping the blog version of the mic and leaving the stage!

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