MOvember + Lumia + Movie Creator + JD = Fun Video

WP_20141113_4607This is my Facebook profile video right now.  You see the glasses and the goatee growing.  The goatee was for MOvember 2014, male cancer awareness.  The glasses are just giving my normally contact lenses covered eyes a break. The hat is just friggin cool, right?

The funny thing is that I have met people this month who only know me like this…and I usually don’t look like this.  They’ll have to get used to the new, cleaner cut, glasses free version of me, soon.  Not today though.  Today is November 30th or what I’m calling, ‘Stache Appreciation Day.  I opened up my package from Dollar Shave Club and I shaved off everything on my chin and just left the moustache.

Of course, I had some fun with it.

Here’s the picture that I posted on Facebook and Instagram and Fhotoroom and Twitter.  Yes, I’m socially active, but I use protection.  You’ll be fine…trust me.


The picture is only PART ONE of the fun.  I made a video using Microsoft’s Movie Creator on my Lumia 1020 which I also used to take the pictures and the video.  It’s fun stuff! ENJOY!

Fun right??

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