You’re Not Doing Social Media Right

So you’ve got a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and maybe even Pinterest and InstaGram.  You post and you “Like”.  You “Follow” and ReTweet and you probably even add some #hashtags, from time to time.  I’m the one who has to tell you that you’re not doing any of this, the right way.

The reason that you are not doing any of this right is very simple.

There is no consensus “right” way of doing social media.

That’s the big secret.  There are lots of so-called experts who will tell you what you have to post and when you have to post it and while they can be perfectly effective strategies, they aren’t inarguably the “right” way.  The key word in social media is social.  Is there a right way to network at a mixer?  There are strategies that help you get out of those events what you want, but there are alternative strategies that work just as well.

Make no mistake; while you aren’t doing it right, you can certainly do things wrong. There are loads of ways to do it wrong.  Here’s a few:

  • Avoiding social media at all, or posting infrequently and inconsistently.
  • Badmouthing competitors or bad customers.
  • SELLING, SELLING, SELLING…all the time.
  • Posting too much.

Things that you CAN do to implement a strategy are:

  • Find hashtags that your industry is using.
  • Follow and engage and share content from member organizations in your industry.
  • Share customer testimonials with links to the customer social accounts or website.
  • Have posts that are informational without selling.
  • Don’t forget to make your posts “actionable” – give them a reason to go to your site or to share your post.

Send me an email ( if you’d like to work on creating a comprehensive strategy. By definition, it won’t be the “right way”, but it can be your winning way!

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