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Most of us have the practice of making and declaring goals, down pat.  Where we falter is with success.  Many people have written and said many things to motivate us towards success. On social media, I’m guessing that you can find an endless supply of memes, with inspiring quotes typeset atop awe-inspiring images.  The one thing that I’ve heard through the noise, that resonates with me, is finding your “why”.   The author and motivational speaker, Eric Thomas, speaks of this as an ingredient for success.  He’ll ask you “what’s your why?”.  Businesses do this with a “mission statement”.  They know why they exist and what keeps them on their path towards success.  Individuals can use some of that focus.

If we’re looking at the sacrifices that one must make to be successful in any pursuit, it’s no wonder that so many people give up.  If you have a strong collection of reasons “why” you are sacrificing, it might just push to you succeed.  What’s my why? Read on, my friends.

I’ve always been able to do “just enough” in the areas of fitness. I’ve been able to stay fit enough to participate in sports and do crazy workouts.  I’ve been just fit enough to attract attention from the ladies.  I’ve done “just enough”, but never reached my goals.  I’ve been on this fitness kick lately, but this time, it’s sticking.  I’m working out AND eating better AND drinking enough water AND (trying) to get enough sleep.  It’s because I’m treating it as one of my jobs and I have mission statements…my WHY?

My Why #1 – My family has a history of diabetes.  This is mostly preventable, so I’m preventing.
My Why #2 – I recently quit doing crew work on people’s projects because I’m really here in Los Angeles to be on camera, so I need to be in on-camera shape.
My Why #3 – When I make my 1st impression to “her”, it needs to be a good one. Aesthetics count.
My Why #4 – I still love to play sports and I enjoy being faster/stronger than my younger opponents.
My Why #5 –  Success in one area feeds success in other areas. I definitely have control over my fitness level, so getting it done keeps me in the mindset of expecting success.  That’s a perspective changer when you come up against obstacles in your other missions.

Those are my various reasons WHY for fitness.   I may post WHY blogs for other areas in my life, in the future.  What’s YOUR why??
Here is one of Eric Thomas’ speeches edited to video footage by someone on YouTube. Good stuff.

Here is a track off the Eric Thomas mixtape that I’ll sometimes use in my workout warm-up to remind me to thing of each WHY?  Play it and see if it motivates you!

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