One Apple In My Possession


Clearly, I have been exaggerating for far too long. I do have an apple product in the house. Seriously…just one…I need to go grocery shopping.

Ahhhhhh, my tech gadgets. My tools. My toys.  What’s here???

  • My trusty HP DV7 laptop. I used to buy a computer every couple of years. This one is knocking on the door to 5 years and still going strong. I throw photo and video editing at it and it keeps on computing. I am a little itchy to get a touchscreen and the detachable keyboard of the newer, thinner, machines. ARG…I need a sponsor! 🙂
  • That Lumia 1020 is representing my Windows Mobile device. I took the photo with my main phone, the Lumia 950
  • I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 that has no SIM. It’s really just a WiFi powered app launcher for apps that aren’t on Windows.
  • I’ve been rocking Roku as my cord-cutting, streaming device for a while. I just jumped on the DirecTV NOW bandwagon and it came with an Amazon Firestick, so I’m testing that bad boy out. I’ll probably do a review on here. Stay tuned!
  • My ASUS VivoTab 8 tablet was great for reading the textbooks when I took the real estate agent course, online. I use it most for video while I’m traveling and ebook reading. It’s not super powerful. I’m hoping to get a 2 in 1 to replace both my laptop and my tablet. HELLO??? SPONSORS????
  • That’s my tech lineup. Oh, I also have a Microsoft Band that still kinda works, except I can’t find the charging cable. ARG….seriously sponsors, find me, love me, hook me up!!

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