Why I Juice


Once upon a time, I watched the documentary “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead“, which got me intrigued and curious about this whole juicing thing.  About that same time, a neighbor offered me her Breville juicer.  Not being one to turn down the perfectly functioning throwaway items of others that also happens to coincide with a curiosity that I’m currently having, but not likely to invest in (PHEW)….I accepted…and the adventure begins!

The guy in the documentary convinced people to do a 30 day juice cleanse.  That seemed crazy to me, but I talked a friend of mine into doing a 10 day version.  Mind you, I’m a Michigan man.  I wondered if I’d be able to juice a steak, baked potato and green beans.  This was not my thing and the challenge would be real.  Were it not for the doubters who said that there was NO WAY that I was going to be able to do it, I might not have.  Those people left me no other option…and I did it! (Pause for applause) THANK YOU!

I will readily admit that the whole green juice things isn’t delicious.  On the long term juice-fest, I allowed myself to have an ALL FRUIT DESERT JUICE.  Oh yeah…that was the treat!!! Other than that, I settled on adding different greens with things like carrots and beets and fruits like apples and lemons and always…ALWAYS ginger.  Ginger made these things drinkable.  I don’t know what medicinal or nutritional value ginger has, but it certainly has palatable effects!

Now, I have to admit that I don’t believe in “cleanses”, per say.  Most of the things that I’ve read say that toxins are handled by the body, pretty readily.  I *will* say that juicing can, uh…get things…uh…moving.  In that regard, I can see it being an assist for digestion and metabolism.  I’m not a huge fan of longer term juicing because it seems unnecessarily difficult and deprives of fiber, protein and freaking chewing.  I wanted chew so badly, that I might have fought a puppy for a chew toy! OK, sorry. Where was I?  Oh yeah, I don’t think that a juice exclusive diet is ideal, but I think adding juice to a diet is a great idea.

I think of fresh juices as super bioavailable nutrients, including micronutrients in quantities greater than that which you could eat with the fiber intact.   Another unproven theory of mine is that getting your body infused with these nutrients helps feed the body when you fill it with food from a less than stellar diet.  It feel like when I eat poorly, but nourish my body with juice that the body isn’t “starved” for nutrients, thus stays out of starvation mode where it stores energy (fat).  That could just be in my head and I’m sure some nutritionist will correct me, if I’m way off!

So there you have it. I expressed my juice-tification, pressed down into less than 500 words!

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