Galaxy S8 – The Little Things


The screen of the Galaxy S8 is BIG, but as “they” sometimes say, it is the little things that matter.  I don’t know how true that is in all situations, but I’m discovering that it is certainly applicable to mobile technology.

When I moved over to Android and Samsung, from Windows Mobile, I knew about the big stuff that would be different, like the availability of more apps that were part of the “app gap” on Windows.  More important to me are some of the little things.  These first two features and things that I had requested on Windows for many years.  They are small things, but they matter to me.

Today’s double dose of small things are sponsored by the letter “C”.   I use my phone for a lot of things, but two areas that are mission critical in the JDE, are COMMUNICATION and CREATIVITY.  See, the “C” connection happening?  Screenshot_20170501-000118COMMUNICATION

Phones have existed for our communicative needs and have evolved (or devolved) into more of a text-based thing than an audio one.  This has advantages and disadvantages.  One of the advantages that I’m taking advantage of is delayed delivery, and this first small things feature handles that for me now.

Schedule SMS – There are some things about me that are true and make this a useful tool.  First, I send a lot of messages to a lot of people.  Secondly, I come up with things to send at odd hours.  I love to be able to think of something at midnight my time and schedule to send it off to Michigan at a decent hour.  I think they appreciate their phone not buzzing at what would be 3:00am their time! 🙂  I’m not sure why EVERY messaging app doesn’t have this feature.  I certainly missed it from the old Windows days and am SO GLAD to have it back.



Phones have also evolved in many ways. One of the ways that I use my phone is for creativity.  I take notes. I take pictures. I shoot video. I edit on the phone.  I deliver to the various online venues.  The phone allows one to craft things in new ways.  We now have 2 cameras on most phones these days and this second small things feature…uh…focuses on that.  Sorry, there’s no joke improvement app.

Dual Camera – For years, I had been suggesting this feature to Microsoft.  No response. Ever.  I called it “Tour Guide” and the premise was simple.  You have two cameras and it would be cool to use them at the same time to show what’s happening on both sides of the device.  Microsoft slept on it, while Samsung made it happen.  I’m going to be expanding my views of this in a later video because I think the potential for video is even cooler than for still photos.

CONCLUSION – whoa…another “C”

As much as I love the big, beautiful screen, and that did draw me into this Galaxy, it is the attention to detail in the tools that I use for CREATIVITY and COMMUNICATION that  are driving my satisfaction with this device.

How about you? What small things do you love about your device?

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  1. Jeff, as you know I’m a fellow Windows Phone/Mobile user and have also recently went to Android as my primary phone(still have my 640 XL just for backup). Although, I am not using a Samsung(Asus Zenfone 3 Max), I appreciate this article. Although, you were the one that brought me over from Android of the former days…i.e. relatively new OS still working bugs out(battery life sucked, regular crashing of apps and OS) but you did and I fell quick and hard for Windows Phone. Although, I am still a fan, and have recently observed a couple if not a few things that for me Windows Phone does better than Android(thinking of doing my own blog post on this… may ask for your professional help, ha ha), it is interesting to read articles like this to see what you like about your Android device to give me further research to continue to see what Android manufacturer might be the best for me. (If any of that makes any sense, lol)

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