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The Daly Report – Special Report

Today’s special report of The Daly Report is about the meteorological events wreaking havoc-ish on Los Angeles.

The Daly Report Promo

My Gender Transformation for Rock and Roll

Valentines Thoughts


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and of course, I have thoughts:

1. Am I the only one who thinks the 15th is the REAL holiday? Savings on chocolate is just the beginning. I bought a couple of those steaks that they put into the heart shaped containers. DEAL!

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Published: Home After 3 Months

I wrote a little article about my first 3 months as an American Legion member. It was published on the Legion Town website.

IntimiDATER Adresses Abuse & Creepiness

As some of you know, I have been working on a book for The IntimiDATER. I rarely have writer’s block, but my creative process has been halted by the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the numerous scandalous revelations that would soon follow. My work was interrupted out of a sense of duty, as I couldn’t keep stringing words together until I knew if they fell below my standard of what it reckless. I mean, words have power and the dozens of people I expect to own my book, will be under the power of my ridiculous text for the duration of their time in my pages.

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2018 Mind & Body+ #NoExcuses Challenge

It’s about that time. The end of the holiday season is the New Year. Let’s get prepped now. I mean you are done with shopping, right?

Please note that I don’t like resolutions that are outcome based, but I love challenges that are input/effort based. You control what you put in. Focus on that and the results will come, or at least that’s the theory I’m working with.

Check out the video and let me know if you’re down for the 2018 #NoExcuses Challenge.

The apps mentioned are Duolingo and Freeletics. Go get em!

BONUS: start before the New Year and get some 2018 momentum.

10 Random JD Thoughts

Google Camera on Samsung Galaxy S8

I recently learned on XDA that the Google Camera app that comes with the Google Pixel has been modded to work on most newer Android phones.  They also checked out the code, deemed it safe and made me feel comfortable loading it up on my Samsung Galaxy S8.

Here’s the article including install links:

Everyone seems to be excited about the HDR+ feature and maybe I’ll do some side by side shoots with that and the stock Samsung Camera app, but not now.  I’m interested in the various stitching capabilities, like panorama, Sphere Photos, and wide angle selfies.

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A Political Tale of Two Pillows?

I’m just over here making my bed and decided that the Intimidater needed to get political. With an audience of dozens, it’s my duty to bellow unrequested positions (phrasing).

Those two pillows stand not in mismatched contrast, rather they symbolize the diversity of ladies welcome to share pillow time, upon my alter of physically expressed love or, in lieu of love, impulsive nighttime aerobics.

That, or I have actually lost a pillowcase. Who loses a dayum pillowcase? It’s not like it’s a little sock; It’s a fairly significant piece of fabric, for nekkid foot sake. One would have to be an idiot to lose a pillowcase.

So really, I have no choice, but to go with the diversity angle. Umm hmmm…

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