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Google Camera on Samsung Galaxy S8

I recently learned on XDA that the Google Camera app that comes with the Google Pixel has been modded to work on most newer Android phones.  They also checked out the code, deemed it safe and made me feel comfortable loading it up on my Samsung Galaxy S8.

Here’s the article including install links:

Everyone seems to be excited about the HDR+ feature and maybe I’ll do some side by side shoots with that and the stock Samsung Camera app, but not now.  I’m interested in the various stitching capabilities, like panorama, Sphere Photos, and wide angle selfies.

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Calibrating Between Los Angeles & Kalamazoo

I really do feel like a man with two homes. I’m missing my MichiPeeps hard right now. The beauty of Los Angeles is a minor salve. Ideally, I’ll be designing a life through FilmZoo that will allow me to get back to Michigan more regularly. Feel free to mosey on over to the FilmZoo page and follow the progress and read my pleas for assistance. Speaking of, I’m currently seeking a Michigan lawyer to help with the non-profit paperwork and filing. Of course, I’m asking for pro-bono help, right now. There will be plenty of contract work in the future, though, so…you know…invade my Inbox with offers! 🙂 As I ponder going going between Los Angeles and Kalamazoo, I feel like I will be constantly recalibrating to match each unique home. You knew this was coming, right???

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10 Thoughts That Keep Me Up

I don’t sleep a lot because my mind is always thinking. No, I’m not bragging that I’m solving big world problems or crafting the next great novel. A lot of the time, it’s about stuff that makes me laugh and I wonder how I can put it together into something that will make you laugh. Sometimes, I think about random stuff that make me make the face in this GIF. Here is a sample list of what goes on in this head. There may be clues as to why I’m single, too.

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I Wanna Answer But…

Me: Can you please get back to me. with an answer?

Not Me: Sure. Where did you send the question?
Me: I don’t remember.

Not Me: Facebook, Facebook Messenger?

Me: Not sure.

Not Me: Twitter. Instagram. WhatsApp. Skype? 

Me: I don’t think so.

Not Me: FaceTime or Google Plus


Not me: SnapChat

Me: Definitely not. It wasn’t an emergency!

Not me: Text or…a real phone call?

Me: No way.  I doubt it. Maybe???  Wait. I actually asked you, in person, like yesterday.

Not me: In person? Is that an app??? Can you send me an invite? I don’t have that one.

Another great Father’s Day

I Know That I’m Not Perfect

One Apple In My Possession


Clearly, I have been exaggerating for far too long. I do have an apple product in the house. Seriously…just one…I need to go grocery shopping.

Ahhhhhh, my tech gadgets. My tools. My toys.  What’s here???

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I’m Most Thankful For YOU!


I wanted to take a bit of time this weekend to point out that I’m thankful for…wait for it…YOU! Yeah, you. I’m not going to embarrass you by naming names because you know who you are. You’re reading this for a reason! By the way, thanks for reading and being so Facebook-supportive. It means a lot.

I know a lot of people, but you’re one of a kind. You know how you do the stuff that you do? Awesome. Then there are the things that you say. Amazing. When we get together, you’re literally present. You can be so cool…except when you’re not. Remember that one time, when you did that thing? Sooooo, typical you! I think my favorite thing about you is your self-esteem. Some people would assume that I’m talking about someone else, but you clearly know what’s up. I wish more people were like that.

Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment during this Thanksgiving weekend to say THANK YOU to you and only you, for being you! That’s it! Oh, and don’t rub this in everyone’s face. They’ll get jealous and stuff, which is why I don’t usually play favorites.

DalyDose of Catalina BirthDALY Trip

20150521_154048For those who do not know, Catalina Express has a deal for a free roundtrip boat ride to the island on your birthday.  The Catalina Chamber of Commerce call the whole thing “Birthday Island” and there are other perks celebrating your first day of breathing and digesting on your own.  You can read about those, but I have some treasures that can’t be printed into a guide, given away or even purchased.

My exposure to the island started 5 years ago with the Catalina Film Festival, of which I am now a board member. I had never been to the island before and now I’ve been several times and know people who live there. I’m still a “tourist”, but I know my way around.  Check out my day in paradise!

Breakfast With An Island Star

I took the first boat in the morning, the 6:15 leaving Long Beach.  On a side note, I met a teacher on the boat ride and we talked about our Catalina Kids (more on them later).  When I arrived, I got a Happy Birthday singing phone call from Ron Truppa, the Executive Director and co-founder of the festival. He happened to be on the island that morning, so we had breakfast and I hung out with him for a bit.  It was good times.  Walking anywhere on the island I like planning on taking 5 steps and stopping for a chat. He seems to know EVERY SINGLE PERSON!

Story of Triplet Stars

One of the people that Ron knew was this man who had triplet daughters that were graduating high school and headed off to college.  Interestingly the teacher that I met on the boat had told me how small the school was with an average graduating class of 40 and how difficult the transition can be when they move and either go to college or get jobs.  Well, these triplets are ALL going to IVY LEAGUE colleges in New York. Two are going to Columbia…in Manhattan and the other is going up-state to Cornell.  Crazy right? That’s a not so insignificant percentage of the class, from one family, headed to Ivy League.

It’s a Small World

So we left the man who raised three Ivy League daughters on a small island and met up with another man who is a supporter of the festival.  I was telling them about volunteer “Catalina Kids” who help out the film crew and how I planned to catch up with them after they got out of school. Well, about 5 minutes later I was introduced to the mother of one of the kids as she was in the same coffee joint we were in.

Behind The Scenes of a Legend

WP_20150521_11_07_31_Pro WP_20150521_11_24_14_Pro

I left them and ventured out on my own as I had an appointment to tour the Catalina Casino building.  Fun Fact: Casino is taken from Italian and it means a place of gathering and entertainment. It does not mean gambling, but the popularity of Las Vegas has focused on that specific form of entertainment in real world use of the word.  Well, the Catalina Casino has no gambling. It is a movie theatre and has the world’s largest circular ballroom dance floor.  The history is rather amazing.  I recommend the tour if you find yourself on Catalina.

Friendship Island

After the tour, I had lunch with my friend Amy who works for the Catalina Island Conservancy.  I met her the first year of the festival and she’s been a great friend ever since. Her family even comes to town for the festival now. Don’t worry ladies, she’s not eligible to be my next ex.  We are firmly planted in the friend zone and she’s in love out there, in the back-country of the island.  Anyway, we went to The Lobster Trap. She had chicken and I had fish & chips…with HALIBUT for the fish part. Amy informed me that he fishing friends get halibut a lot and they share it with her.  Her life started sounding AWESOME.  Oh yeah, after a battle back and forth, she “won” and paid for lunch.  I know…island rules.

Get In Carts With Strangers

I had walked up one the streets and ended up pretty high up a hill.  On my way down, the young lady in a golf cart (those are the cars on the island) asked where I was going and if I wanted a ride down the hill.  I graciously accepted.  I’m still in Los Angeles county, but definitely NOT in Los Angeles.  On the ride, I find out that my new friend is on her way to China the next day because she’s a Red Bull professional cliff diver.  Yup, she’s one of those people who jump off of really high cliffs into the water.  I was kind of in awe….because that’s awesome.

My Island Kids!!

No, I haven’t reproduced any offspring on the island, but we have some high schoolers that help us out during the festival. Three off them help out the film crew and they are amazing.  I met up with one after her softball game and she drove me around in her cart and showed me the “Field of Dreams”, which is now a big parking lot. L  The Field of Dreams is where the Cubs used to have spring training back in the day.  Yup…look it up.  We then saw a second student after he came back from “overtown”.  They are such fun and they are soooo talented.

Off Into the Sunset


I waved bye and got back on the boat that brought me to paradise, just for the day. Wow, what a day.  When people asked me what I did, I had trouble really explaining it.  I had no agenda or action items or a list. I kind of just wandered and connected with people and it was GREAT.  I recommend it.  Oh yeah, one more thing…

Good Fortune’s Gift

When I got back to overtown/mainland, I was heading to the parking structure and doing the ‘ole pat down in search of my keys.  Um…searching…searching…oh no.   I got to my car and unloaded my bag, very aware that I took the last boat back tonight and that it is a $75 round trip to go back and get my keys. I was also about an hour from home, so to ask someone to come fetch me on a weeknight to then go back to get my keys and then take me back to the car so they could then finally go home, was not a pleasant thought of an option.  I emptied my bag on the trunk and started going through everything. I knocked my something to the ground and bent down to grab it and noticed my keys. They were IN the UNLOCKED door of my car and had been there the whole long day.  THANK YOU, GOOD FORTUNE!

Happy Ending (Rated G Version) 

Bonus Stuff!
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