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Writer’s Block–“No Excuses” Birthday Video


Today is my birthday and what better opportunity to put out an experimental type of video.  My friends should all be nice to me and find something to like…anything.

I did this because of a “No Excuses” pact that I’ve made with myself and recently with my friend Natalie Oman.  Last year, I put together Textually Active for my birthday, but this year I didn’t have the money to to make the next film in that series.  No worries, we JUST DID IT.  Video below!

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JD: The Gifted Director

It has been a little bit since my last blog entry.  I have been a little distracted.  A portion of that time was consumed with shooting the next “Stuck” experience, called Textually Active.

At the end of this blog post, I have embedded the film for you to see.  If you haven’t already seen it, we’d love for you to take a peek.  We’re pretty confident that you’ll enjoy yourself.  OK, enough of that; let’s take you to your regularly scheduled blog reading, so you can see why I’m calling myself a “gifted director”.

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