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41MP + JDE = Extended Trial of Nokia Lumia 1020

WP_20131007_001This innocent looking package made its way to my front door today.  Don’t let the external packaging fool you; This package contains leading edge technology from Nokia and Microsoft.  This package holds the hardware that I will grasp, learn and manipulate in a content creating frenzy over the next few weeks.  This package might as well be Christmas paper because this guy (pointing at myself) is as excited as a kid after a visit from Kris Kringle in late December.

Let’s unwrap the goodness!!

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DalyDose of…Union+AT&T Savings

WP_000517Please note that what I am telling you about here applies to ANY union member, who is (or wants to be) an AT&T Wireless subscriber.  My message is geared toward actors, but is just as applicable to unions of all jobs, in all industries across the land.  Now on to my regularly scheduled blog.

This is the first blog entry where I’m saving you money on technology and productivity.  Yay me!  How about I start it off with a quick JD video intro…

Read on to learn HOW to take advantage of the savings!

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Why Nokia Wins – Post Beta Test


There is finally some good hardware competition going on with Windows Phone.  Samsung and HTC have really been repackaging successful Android devices and Nokia is focused solely on Windows Phone.  That focus seems to be paying dividends.

Nokia is now the best-selling Windows Phone device after being in the market for just a few months.  The reviews have been great and the customer satisfaction has been off the charts.  The greatest testament was when Siri got caught recommending the Lumia when asked “What is the best cell phone ever”.  Apple has since hard-coded the answer to be more Apple friendly, but the customer satisfaction data that Siri originally based her answer on, doesn’t lie.  Now let’s look at WHY Nokia is winning and elevating the status of Windows Phone.

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DalyDose of…SmartPhone Down!

This phone is only good for talking…it’s useless!  -JD

The HTC/AT&T Tilt 2

Tilt 2 pics from

Remember the film “Black Hawk Down”?  That wasn’t nearly as tragic of a problem as I’m currently facing.  This blog entry has two purposes.  The first is to give you an idea of what happened.  After that I will pontificate on how important having a smart phone has become in my life.

Let me lay out the scenario for you:

I was out doing the ‘ole Hollywood networking thing; I was meeting people, they were eager to join the JD Experience.  I whip out my trusty AT&T/HTC Tilt 2 to load up some contact data.  I have to swipe my finger to bring up the unlocking code input screen.  I started to do so, but the screen wouldn’t respond.  You read that correctly: The SCREEN wouldn’t RESPOND.  That meant that I couldn’t even unlock the phone.  It was now useless to me.

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Meet my new assistant: The HTC/AT&T Tilt 2

The HTC/AT&T Tilt 2I’m a busy guy and I’ve got to have an assistant, but I can’t afford payroll or benefits for a real human being.  I have to use a smartphone to get the job done.  My trusty HTC/AT&T Tilt did a great job these past couple of years, but it was time to retire ole’ Tilty.  HTC had delivered the Touch Pro 2 to the American market and AT&T renamed their version the Tilt 2.  

I mean look at this beautiful device.  I don’t want to be shallow or anything, but my assistant has to look good.   I have a reputation to uphold.

Let’s jump right in and get to the different areas of the Tilt 2:

Hardware Design

This baby’s got curves!  Umm hmmm…check out that body.  Here’s what I think you should notice.

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