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WP_20121231_016Today I posted on my Facebook status that “Today is Friday! Do something amazing and earn the weekend!”  My friend Steffanie turned it around and asked me what I was going to do.  Hmmm…people don’t usually turn my orders around on me.

I had to do the building paperwork this morning, so the amazing had to wait for the afternoon.  Of course, as the day goes on more and more things get in the way, but I will not let that get in my way.  This is 2013, which I’ve declared the Year Of The Hash Tag.  That means it’s a paradigmatic shift in my existence to a #NoExcuses, #NoRegrets life.  Amazing HAD to happen!

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DalyDose of…Santa Monica Beach Shoot

View Santa Monica Beach Shoot

5:00 am.  For those of you who have never been awake at that time, it is also known as 5:00, in the morning and sometimes called “the crack of dawn”.  How do I let my roommate talk me into such things??

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