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I was thinking – 20 Random birthDALY thoughts.

20170519_125043Today is the kickoff of BirthDALY Weekend,  2017.  On Facebook, I promised to be both silly and introspective – to ponder as much as party.  Hopefully, this random list of thoughts satisfies all of my varied goals in one post.  Of course, there will be more all weekend.  You’ve been warned

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OK, on with the random awesomeness!

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DalyDose of…BDay Worlds Colliding

For those that didn’t know, May 21st was the national holiday that most of the nation doesn’t know about: The JD-BDay.  We held the event at Kress Hollywood and I kept up the celebrating all weekend.

My California life has many different worlds (I sometimes call them universes).  I am always reminded of George Castanza when I see my people talking to each other when they come from those very different worlds:

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