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A Little Rant About “Doing My Research”


You’re Not Doing Social Media Right

So you’ve got a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and maybe even Pinterest and InstaGram.  You post and you “Like”.  You “Follow” and ReTweet and you probably even add some #hashtags, from time to time.  I’m the one who has to tell you that you’re not doing any of this, the right way.

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Picture Yourself


Many times we make our first impression, not in person, but online.  It’s a static image that doesn’t have the charisma of your animated self.  We need to maximize the impression that this image makes.  Does it put you in your best light while still looking like you?  Does it give clues to your personality?  When they look into your photographed eyes, do they see a sample of your soul?

If we work together, the answer to those questions will will be YES.  Are you read to Picture Yourself?

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41MP + JDE = Extended Trial of Nokia Lumia 1020

WP_20131007_001This innocent looking package made its way to my front door today.  Don’t let the external packaging fool you; This package contains leading edge technology from Nokia and Microsoft.  This package holds the hardware that I will grasp, learn and manipulate in a content creating frenzy over the next few weeks.  This package might as well be Christmas paper because this guy (pointing at myself) is as excited as a kid after a visit from Kris Kringle in late December.

Let’s unwrap the goodness!!

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The Unofficial Facebook Variants

fr6_26_2013120043_jpgFacebook has become a staple in our lives.  It is the social network that nearly everyone is on.   It is so large that not being on Facebook is akin to being anti-social.   Of course, with that many users, the site attracts a variety of personalities and we’re seeing some unofficial variants of The Zuck’s lil dormroom project.

I’ve had chats with friends about these things, so I know that I’m not the only one who has these thoughts.  I like to think I possess an abundance of brilliance that makes me unique, but apparently that’s not the case.  Oh yeah, we were talking about the Facebook variant that have morphed their way into the the network and left unchallenged, will significantly alter our online existence and taint our social experience.

What are these “variants”?  Today, I’m looking at two and ranting about one.  Yes, there will be a JD rant!

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I haven’t quit acting…

IMG_8402I was having a discussion with a friend the other day and it came up that since my last agent quit the business, I haven’t looked for another.  That prompted her to ask me “Did you quit acting?”.  I responded that “No, I haven’t quit acting…but I have stopped auditioning”  That’s an over-simplified response, but it felt right and most closely articulated my current perspective.  She didn’t get what I was saying and thus she doesn’t really get ME.

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DalyDose of…Quirky Gratitude

On Facebook, I started a post asking people to declare the little things in life that they are thankful for.  You can see the action HERE.   This got me thinking even more about gratitude.  I wanted to quickly think of a few things that I could be thankful for that don’t appear to be objects worthy of thanks.  Here is said list:

  • I am thankful for the collective economic distress by my peers in Los Angeles.
    I don’t say this because I want everyone in the same leaky boat with me.  I say this for a couple of good reasons.  First off, I believe that lots of great accomplishments come after disappointment.  I’m also glad to be in an environment where we aren’t always “keeping up with the Joneses” and can focus on our creative pursuits.
  • I am thankful for being single.
    The “inner-jerk” in me would say that I’m thankful to enjoy different selections from the menu vs. only getting to enjoy my favorite entrée day after day.  In fact, I would say that the ability to roam in social situations has allowed me to expand my network.  Of course, I’ll be thankful when “she” makes “herself” known to me so I can have a teammate in this game of life.  I’ll also be glad to stop typing about “her” in quotation marks.
  • I’m thankful for bills and collections.
    Seriously, these people expect me to pay them and believe that I will.  I appreciate their optimistic attitude regarding my economic prospects.  There are times that I’m not sure and then I’ll get a piece of mail or a phone call demanding that I fulfill my potential and pay them.  That’s true support.
  • I’m thankful for the death trap that I’m currently driving.
    No, I don’t have a passive plan to leave this life anytime soon.  I appreciate living in an area where I can walk for entertainment, shopping, dining, etc.  It’s good for my health and I get to know the area in ways that you can’t from locked inside of a vehicle.  To be honest, I’m even grateful for the vehicle as it allows me to travel beyond walking range.
  •  I’m thankful for not being the obvious ideal in the dating pool.
    Let’s be real. People aren’t dating me for my money, power, prestige or underwear model contract.  I truly know that I’m being loved for being myself.

Well, that’s my quirky, unexpected list of thanks to go along with health, friends, family and all the other “big stuff” that everyone always gives thanks for.  I’d also like to give thanks to anyone who read this often neglected blog.   Hmmmm…maybe I should consider the blog for my 2012 list of resolutions.  Last year’s 10 Single Resolutions was all about living the single life and I think Mr. Inner-Jerk took over that list. Hmmmm….

Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you all find reasons to be thankful for anything and everything you have in your lives.

I’m off to San Clemente to meet the #StumbleBaby.

DalyDose of…Who Needs Pics?

JDPhotoAD4DealPopI love taking pictures of people.  In this digital age there are so many opportunities for people to make an impression with a great image.  Certainly, in entertainment actors have always had a need for professional photography, but now we are seeing that need translate to people in all walks of life.

With so much interaction happening online, we don’t always get to look people in the eyes and shake hands.  We don’t get that chance to display, not only our physical looks, but our intangible characteristics.  Our profiles can’t accurately convey things like charisma and confidence.  A great picture or set of pictures can help.

Keep reading to see how YOU can probably use new, professional photography services.

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DalyDose of…Good Weekend

  • NO – I did not go to Vegas.
  • NO – I did not have a “hot date”
  • NO – I didn’t win the lottery

After a week where I accused of “jassassery” by a numb skull, I had what seemingly was a run-of-the-mill, standard 2-3 days.  Perspective is a powerful lens through which to view one’s existence.  My circumstance of late has been one of a spending freeze due to drastic drop in revenue generation.  I have also felt a bit disconnected from people.  The past few days have served as tonic to mask the symptoms of the aforementioned ails.

Read on for a recap of the weekend joy…

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DalyDose of…3rd Party JackAssery

I have been a proponent of people voting 3rd party for a long time.  I think the 2 party system really only serves the two parties and leads to people digging in to protect the turf of whichever gang they affiliate themselves with.  Heck, we even give the states blue and red colors; the same colors that differentiate the two major street gangs in America.
I saw my friend’s post on Facebook the yesterday and she was writing words that were kindred to words that I had written before.  I excitedly jumped in and learned that Facebook + Politics can be a funny mix, especially when you add the insecure and feeble minded in.
I copy/pasted the original Facebook thread and took out pictures and changed names to protect the innocent and the should-be-embarrassed.
Please read it and look for how I made Mr. Bitter feel “dumb”.  I am trying to handicap your reading to LOOK for how I might have been offensive.
After the thread, I’ll show you the message that was sent to my Inbox:
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