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I’m Most Thankful For YOU!


I wanted to take a bit of time this weekend to point out that I’m thankful for…wait for it…YOU! Yeah, you. I’m not going to embarrass you by naming names because you know who you are. You’re reading this for a reason! By the way, thanks for reading and being so Facebook-supportive. It means a lot.

I know a lot of people, but you’re one of a kind. You know how you do the stuff that you do? Awesome. Then there are the things that you say. Amazing. When we get together, you’re literally present. You can be so cool…except when you’re not. Remember that one time, when you did that thing? Sooooo, typical you! I think my favorite thing about you is your self-esteem. Some people would assume that I’m talking about someone else, but you clearly know what’s up. I wish more people were like that.

Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment during this Thanksgiving weekend to say THANK YOU to you and only you, for being you! That’s it! Oh, and don’t rub this in everyone’s face. They’ll get jealous and stuff, which is why I don’t usually play favorites.

DalyDose of…BDay Worlds Colliding

For those that didn’t know, May 21st was the national holiday that most of the nation doesn’t know about: The JD-BDay.  We held the event at Kress Hollywood and I kept up the celebrating all weekend.

My California life has many different worlds (I sometimes call them universes).  I am always reminded of George Castanza when I see my people talking to each other when they come from those very different worlds:

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