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DalyDose of…Labor Day Kickoff in Pictures


No, I don’t mean the football games.  There are no games until Michigan takes on Alabama today.  Go Blue.  I speak of the Friday that kicks off the long Labor Day weekend, that I get to celebrate regardless of my employment status.  What a great country.

Yesterday, I was prepared to have a Netflix night at home with my microwave popcorn in a lunch bag, made “famous” in this YouTube video.  That thrilling video was put together on another thrilling night in the JDE.  Try not to be too jealous.  Alas, my date with streaming video was cancelled by a better offer.

The offer was so good that I had to give the ‘ole skull a fresh shave.  Here is a representation over time of my preparation of a fresh skull.  It is not always easy being JD…it takes work, but the final product is soooo worth it.

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