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Daly Dose of…MLK Day 2021

I’m not going to post a powerful Martin Luther King Jr speech. Most won’t listen to it, anyway. They are “too long” for our modern attention spans. Instead, I’ll post a concentrated bit of POWERFUL messaging that could fit on a tee shirt.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but I suspect that audience includes most of us. We focus too much on hate. I’m trying to only hate, hate. I’m trying to not even hate the hates and the hateful. I’m focusing on being a positive force in this world. It’s my own carrot vs stick thinking, I imagine.

Would I rather focus on “punishing” what I perceive as negative, or rewarding positive behavior? (Please note that I am still for consequences for overtly bad conduct)

Do I want to assume through conjecture what I THINK is in someone’s heart or would I do better to engage and inquire?

Is it actually virtuous to claim exclusive stake in virtuosity to justify anger, or does self examination and critique lead one towards more virtue?

Is it on mission to engage in the battle of snark and quip, or is it in superior service to elevate the conversation with my own brand of “passionate logic” and the dissemination of factual information?

I know the answers to these questions for myself. Trust me, I’m someone who is really confident in what I think and believe, but I self-critique, ALL OF THE TIME. I hope more of “We The People” can adopt similar habits, before we actually start killing each other.

I’m Jeff Daly and I approve this message. I don’t know if MLK would approve of it, but in my mind, I hope that he would. I seek to honor his MASSIVE work and sacrifice in my own, smaller impact way.

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