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DalyDose of…USMC Birthday

Happy 235th Birthday USMC

Some of you know that I served in the United States Marine Corps.  When I went in, I was a tiny recruit.  My camouflage sizes were XS/XS (extra small, extra short).  I was referred to as one of the “Ethiopian privates” and was made to eat food from the “Diet privates’” trays as a transfer of weight plan.

I look back at my official boot camp picture and I looked like a kid playing dress-up in dad’s clothes.  They take these pictures in the first week so we have a dual look on our faces.  There’s still the pure fear of being there, plus a face of soon-to-be warrior as the drill instructors dared anyone to attempt a smile.  Yeah, I was definitely one of the smallest recruits.  I think I was about 130 pounds and maybe 5 ft. 7 inches.

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