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In A Galaxy S8 Near/Far/Pan Focus Away

I have had my Galaxy for about a week. In that time,  I have played with the camera,  quite a bit. One of my favorite features is Selective Focus. It will take a single photo and allow you to change the focus. To do this you need to select Selective Focus from the camera menu. 

What happens,  is that the camera simultaneously takes multiple photos and gives you these options for effect. You get an option to choose the closest item as a near focus, or the background as a far focus,  or a pan focus,  which puts everything in focus. The editing screen for making that selection looks like this:

So, while the feature is not exactly the same as the dual camera Portrait Mode on the iPhone 7, the flexibility of the multi-frame approach does provide creative options for the photographer. 

Here are some shots with Selective Focus. 

Having the option to change your mind is a convenient and useful feature. Which focus do you prefer? 
Here you see that it works on the front facing camera, as well. 

Do I share my focus with the Beverly Hills sign or not? I can decide that later, with Selective Focus. 

Finally, it works with the front camera in low light. Craziness… 

After a Spinning workout at RPM Fitness Studio

There are limitations to selective focus. The dual camera option on the iPhone 7 lets you do these things from a distance where the Galaxy S8 needs the subject to be relatively close to the phone. For most of what I do this is not a deal-breaker but it would be awesome to combine both approaches and maybe Samsung has that a in mind for the Note 8. Of course, Apple surely has some tricks up its leaves with the upcoming iPhone 8. For now, the Galaxy S8 was the best option for me to choose. What do you think?

Please note, that I wrote a majority of this blog with voice to text on my phone. I think this mobile thing is here to stay and make us even more productive.

Have an apple! 😊 

41MP + JDE = Extended Trial of Nokia Lumia 1020

WP_20131007_001This innocent looking package made its way to my front door today.  Don’t let the external packaging fool you; This package contains leading edge technology from Nokia and Microsoft.  This package holds the hardware that I will grasp, learn and manipulate in a content creating frenzy over the next few weeks.  This package might as well be Christmas paper because this guy (pointing at myself) is as excited as a kid after a visit from Kris Kringle in late December.

Let’s unwrap the goodness!!

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DalyDose of…WP7 Apps Wanted

I love my Samsung Focus, I really do.  The Windows Phone 7 experience is amazing and I no longer get the “I feel sorry” look from iPhone users.  Sure they still speak in terms of superiority, but the “cool gap” is closing.

Part of what makes up the “cool gap” is apps.  In 6 weeks of existence, I don’t expect Windows Phone Marketplace to have caught up to iPhone and Android app stores in quantity, but I expect some quality competition.  I have been active in app collection and have found quite a few; that list is forthcoming.  This post is a Wish List of apps that I’d love to see.  Maybe the developers will give us all a happy holiday treat in the near future.

Here is my Top 10…scratch that…Top 9 list of wanted apps

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Meet my new assistant: The HTC/AT&T Tilt 2

The HTC/AT&T Tilt 2I’m a busy guy and I’ve got to have an assistant, but I can’t afford payroll or benefits for a real human being.  I have to use a smartphone to get the job done.  My trusty HTC/AT&T Tilt did a great job these past couple of years, but it was time to retire ole’ Tilty.  HTC had delivered the Touch Pro 2 to the American market and AT&T renamed their version the Tilt 2.  

I mean look at this beautiful device.  I don’t want to be shallow or anything, but my assistant has to look good.   I have a reputation to uphold.

Let’s jump right in and get to the different areas of the Tilt 2:

Hardware Design

This baby’s got curves!  Umm hmmm…check out that body.  Here’s what I think you should notice.

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