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Hello 2013

WP_20121230_006There seems to be a anti-resolution making sentiment going around this year.  This probably stems from people setting themselves up for failure with lofty dreams without taking into consideration what it takes to make them come through.  It might also have to do with people focusing on giving things up or doing something they don’t find enjoyable.  For example, losing 20 pounds doesn’t sound like fun, but if a wants to go to the beach in her bikini for the first time in 10 years, that just seems more fun…more positive…something that you WANT to do, right?  It’s time to get the mindset in a positive place and primed for success.

I started on that vein a couple of years ago when I wrote of my Top 10 Resolutions for the Single Man.  It was filled with actionable items that I could put into practice and have control over.  It’s also quite funny, if I can pat myself on the back.  I’ll go ahead and do that now.  OK, I’m done.  What’s the plan for 2013??

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2011 Mid Year Resolution Check In

We’ve gone past June and rounded into July and that means that the year is now half over.  It was just 6 short months ago that many of us made big promises to ourselves about how we were going to make changes and improve our lives.  How have those resolutions been working out for you?  Have you stayed true to your promises or has the journey towards summer made you forget?

Well, here’s my scorecard:

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