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Jessica Chastain & #NoExcuses

1_14_2013 PM_jpgI saw Zero Dark Thirty the other day at a SAG Awards screening.  The big bonus was a Q&A with Jessica Chastain hosted by Janelle Riley.  I was always a fan of Jessica’s work, but now I am a fan of her general process of approaching life.  Before she was famous, she didn’t JUST take class (although, she is Juliard trained) and she didn’t wait around for people to give her work.  She created work for herself.  She didn’t get discouraged. She embodies what we’re talking about when we say #NoExcuses and #NoRegrets.

I shot this quick clip at the the start of the session and she gave us some great inspiration.  Obviously, this was taken with my Nokia Lumia 920 – a Windows Phone 8 device. Smile

Sharing Amazing

WP_20121231_016Today I posted on my Facebook status that “Today is Friday! Do something amazing and earn the weekend!”  My friend Steffanie turned it around and asked me what I was going to do.  Hmmm…people don’t usually turn my orders around on me.

I had to do the building paperwork this morning, so the amazing had to wait for the afternoon.  Of course, as the day goes on more and more things get in the way, but I will not let that get in my way.  This is 2013, which I’ve declared the Year Of The Hash Tag.  That means it’s a paradigmatic shift in my existence to a #NoExcuses, #NoRegrets life.  Amazing HAD to happen!

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