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DalyDose of…Insanity Plyo-Cardio Abs


Earlier, I did Day 10 of “Insanity”, which is the Plyometric Cardio Circuit.  It’s a great butt kicker and it lets you know that you’re not in as good of shape as you think you are. Fortunately for me, I was under no world-class athlete delusions.  I am trying to return to warrior shape.

I know many of you think, that because I walk around being JD that it is simple.  Well, I’m here to tell you that it is hard work.  It’s not easy being The Total Package and if you read my earlier blog entry on the subject, you know this needs to be the goal of every man in search of a partner these days.  Seriously, I’m still available.

So far, I’ve posted a daily post-workout picture on Facebook.  For Day 10, I thought I’d spice it up and add some video.  I might do this once a week if people want to see me suffering in pain.  Anyway, here’s the ab-moves demo video that I threw together:

*wow…I need to vacuum and it looks like I found a pen! Smile

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