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A Little Rant About “Doing My Research”


10 Random Thoughts


JD Ponders Randomly

Sometimes I have random thoughts. By sometimes, I mean most of the time. These random thoughts would seem just…kind of…sorta…crazy, if put them out there, with no context.  I could Tweet them individually or write a series of Facebook status updates, but that might cause my friends to stage an intervention.  I usually opt to keep them to myself, but today I felt like sharing.

I decided to list ten of these random thoughts because ten seems like the least random number that I could come up with, for a list. There are always Top 10 lists for doing things or ranking things.  So a list of random thoughts with a perfectly normal number seemed about right

OK, enough chatter…on with the list!

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DalyDose of…3rd Party JackAssery

I have been a proponent of people voting 3rd party for a long time.  I think the 2 party system really only serves the two parties and leads to people digging in to protect the turf of whichever gang they affiliate themselves with.  Heck, we even give the states blue and red colors; the same colors that differentiate the two major street gangs in America.
I saw my friend’s post on Facebook the yesterday and she was writing words that were kindred to words that I had written before.  I excitedly jumped in and learned that Facebook + Politics can be a funny mix, especially when you add the insecure and feeble minded in.
I copy/pasted the original Facebook thread and took out pictures and changed names to protect the innocent and the should-be-embarrassed.
Please read it and look for how I made Mr. Bitter feel “dumb”.  I am trying to handicap your reading to LOOK for how I might have been offensive.
After the thread, I’ll show you the message that was sent to my Inbox:
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