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ABC Juice for Mission: Camera Ready


Oh how I wish getting fit could be exclusively handled in the gym.  If only I could lift and Spin my way back to Warrior JD with just my blood, sweat and tears.  Unfortunately, a good deal of fitness happens in the kitchen and while my muscles get their fair share of punishment, my taste buds take the most abuse.

In order to give a boost of micronutrients from time-to-time one can gulp down a juice.  Today, I did just that and I am am going to share the experience with you.

Keep on reading to see what the ABC Juice and how you can make it for yourself….

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It’s a Wonderland of Goodness


My friend Melanie’s kids go to this great school called Wonderland, here in Los Angeles.  Part of what they do is to give the kids an experience with growing ingredients and making healthy recipes.  Why am I droning on?  Here’s how it was described to me:

‘Wonderland school is dedicated to providing its students with a quality education. From the Ground Up is the school’s Garden program that informs and teaches students about environmental stewardship and allows them to explore the connectivity of nature’s processes in the garden and the kitchen.’

They’ve filmed some of these tastings before, with parent volunteers, but weren’t sure about this one.  Melanie had seen the Lumia devices in action before and contacted me about shooting.  Let’s see how that went…

I used both a Lumia 1020 and a Lumia 920.  I got a little help from a shotgun microphone plugged in with an XLR to phone adaptor.  You will hear that when I used the audio from the phone, that you pick up more of the ambient sound, the children playing. 

Here’s the segment on how you can make a citrus salad with freshly harvested rosemary.  Be sure to watch in HD.

I can tell you from 1st had experience that this citrus salad is really good.  Go ahead and try it at home.

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DalyDose of…In-Flight Mag

“There’s another magazine besides the one with the aquarium coffee table?” –JD

I flew Southwest earlier this week, across the country to Orlando for a conference.  I didn’t get the coveted Boarding Group A Position 01 boarding pass like my friend Mara.  Nope, I was herded in with the other cattle only to be reminded that Southwest is no frills.  Of immediate importance to me was that this flight would have no movie.  This allowed me to peruse the entire SkyMall magazine with all of its temptations including this cool pair of sunglasses with a video camera built in.  I’m not sure how I’ve gone this long without those.  I mean they shade your eyes, but could help you uncover the truth.  That’s deep…deeper than my pockets so I didn’t get the things.

When I was done shopping, I didn’t know what to do, so I picked up that other magazine.  You know the one, the “in-flight” magazine.  I knew it existed on other airlines because that’s where I usually find out which movie is playing.  I promise that will be the last time I mention that Southwest has no cinematic entertainment…I promise.

I was surprised to learn that I had so much…uh…to learn in that other magazine.  What did I learn?  Read on, my friends and get edified…

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